The Illinois State Rifle Association touts itself as “the leader in supporting our 2nd Amendment rights.”  Yet where are they on the implementation of the Illinois Gun Registry?  Where are they in notifying their members and other gun owners in our state about the new Ammunition Purchase Registry?  Where is their information on options for gun owners other than blind obedience?

An ISRA life member (or higher) forwarded this email he sent to ISRA HQ months ago:

Since it appears any court decision or TRO will be too late to stop the registration process, is ISRA polling the membership about what they intend to do about it? It would be important to know what percentage of people intend to comply.
There is also the issue of how people who do not own computers are suppose to comply. Why is ISRA not aggressively addressing this with the ISP?
Once the state has the information even if everything we want happens regarding the law, they will still have the information.
What, if anything, is ISRA going to do about raids and arrests for non compliance?
Is the ISRA providing information about how to avoid compliance legally by (for example) moving firearms out of state? While I own property in another state, many members do not. Why are there no arrangements being made for across the state line storage facilities for ISRA members?
Has ISRA published a list of weapons the state is requiring registry of and I missed it. If you haven’t done so, why not?
If you guessed they have still yet to reply, you would be correct.
Heading over to their website, I got this.

That’ll slow down traffic on your website.

Trying on a third device, I got this:

Three full-time lobbyists?  What happened to the six full-time lobbyists?  Did ISRA terminate them for negotiating the FOID Modernization Act deal?  You know, the one where ISRA negotiated our rights away so they could have a “seat at the table” with those who wish to totally disarm law-abiding gun owners while criminals are treated with kid gloves?  The “deal” which has given us full registration of private gun transfers even before the July 1 implementation of the PICA requirements?  The FOID Modernization Act which has morphed into the just-introduced Ammunition Purchase Registry that includes caliber?  And will probably soon including quantity of rounds as well.

Clicking on “News” I got this:

It’s 9:20am on Monday, October 9th.  The most recent post is a throwaway statement on the US House committee hearing in Chicago dated September 26th.

So what does the ISRA communicate with their members?


At this rate, with ISRA’s support of the 2nd Amendment, we’ll be left with black powder guns to defend our homes and persons.


7 thoughts on “ISRA mute on Gun *AND* Ammo Purchase Registry… instead promoting black powder shoot which is what we’ll all be left with at this rate”
  1. You just now figuring this out? ISRA and its lobbyists gave us the Red Flag law. You’ve surely got that photo of ISRA’s lobbyist Ed Sullivan standing shoulder to shoulder with Kathleen Willis or whatever her name was. (And I recall Mike & Valinda Rowe there too!) ISRA’s top men gave us this FOID bill too… We complained and they told us the piss on us was rain. “We had to so we could have a seat at the table” or some sort of nonsense.

    I got that same email this morning about their black powder shoot.

    My thought and criticism: save your energy and your ire for fighting our enemies though. Ridicule them. Jock straps with ISRA’s logo aren’t going to get our rights back.

  2. I think your original typo in the title was appropriate, John. The ISRA is certainly moot as well …
    “Having little or no practical relevance …”

  3. No fan of I$RA here. You’re right. But Sam’s right too. Direct your anger downrange. I think many people have already voted with their wallet and not renewing their ISRA memberships after the crap they’re doing.

  4. Where is the ISRA on this registry? Easy, standing with the Illinois Republican Party enabling gun control. When the Republicans “back the blue” and as we now KNOW from the recent episode in New Mexico, when they support police qualified immunity they are handing preference to the police by giving this bullshit immunity from bad behavior and YOU the constituent pay the price for it. True pro-2A advocates would support ending qualified immunity because then police are far more hesitant to violate your civil rights via gun control when they can PERSONALLY get sued for screwing over the public. Who’s more important to you? The police who will entrap you or yourself? The sooner we as a 2A community accept this fact the sooner we can move on. It’s simple, ask any R running for the General Assembly if they support qualified immunity. If the answer is yet they don’t get voted for. It’s not like it’ll change much in Illinois anyway. The GOP has pushed far too many people to the Dems with this morals and values and abortion obsession. They won’t be controlling anything statewide anyway so that makes our state the golden one to resent the political alignment when it comes to our 2A rights. Thank you John Boch of GSL for calling out ISRA. REMEMBER everyone that some advocacy groups don’t want the issues solved, they want the ISSUE! That means “give us $25 more and we’ll fix this………….”

  5. The ISRA, and any person who is a member have mental deficiencies. What is wrong with you people? Most probably have membership in the NRA as well.

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