Yesterday some of us fumed over the Illinois State Police launching their ammo registration portal on the Firearms “Services” Bureau (you’re the one that’s gonna get serviced).  Then we all saw the news of the barbarian Hamas terrorists attacking Israel, slaughtering women and children after they raped them and taking plenty more hostage.  And don’t forget about parading dead and sometimes naked bodies of those they killed back in the Gaza Strip.

Something else big happened in America’s heartland.  Chicago surpassed 500 homicides for the year.

500 homicides.

Think about that.  500 homicides in a single city.

The macabre milestone happened as over 20 were shot and maimed.  Funny how nobody in the mainstream media reported on the milestone in gang violence.

What’s more, 82% of the victims of all this violence were blacks.  The black-on-black, gang violence in Chicago is off the rails.  Heck, the Ku Klux Klan couldn’t dream of killing as many blacks as young black gang members do (and do so effectively), while bickering over the most trivial of concerns.

But when bad guys face a 1% likelihood of arrest and incarceration related to committing violent crimes, is it any wonder the violence is prolific and endemic?

The answer to this is arresting and imprisoning the violent offenders.  But that’s not going to happen in today’s political climate.  And so long as those reliably Democrat voters in Chicago keep electing pandering politicians demanding more restrictions on the law-abiding good guys and their guns, nothing’s going to change.

Gun control disarms VICTIMS, not criminals.

Meanwhile, as a reminder, in Florida they imprison violent offenders.  And violent crime there is at 50-year lows.

3 thoughts on “MURDER CITY USA defends its title: 500+ homicides to date in ’23!”
  1. The usual suspects. This also pertains to the ‘individuals in charge’. Chaos, destruction, and uncivilized culture are the hallmarks. Tell me what I said wrong.

    1. Of course “crime” is down if it is not “reported”! And, if the criminals are not prosecuted … NO CRIME! UNLESS, OF COURSE, a law enforcement official shoots an “unarmed” black “teen” (13-19year old) that is running away from a criminal act, grabbing his “phone” to call mammy, the cop gets prosecuted.

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