The fact that people still go to Chicago given its violence shows that some folks are either very low-information types or they have a denial response that puts them in danger.  Take this weekend’s mass public shooting in the “really nice” part of Chicago.  You have a fight among young people and people pull out gun including full-auto Glock pistols and blast away in the general direction of those with which they don’t like.

For the semi-literate end product of the Chicago Public School system where only about 10% of graduates can read or do math at grade level, the prestige of violence and the gang culture is all these young people have.  They have little to no hope of a good job (outside of snagging a government job), a career, owning their own residence, getting married and having a family, raising kids and becoming productive members of society.


Only a fool would take their family to visit Chicago.

Because frankly, there is very little law-and-order remaining.  And public safety is effectively non-existent.

5 thoughts on “AMERICA’S LARGEST OPEN-AIR SHOOTING GALLERY: Video of incident where six wounded in full-auto gang violence in Chicago [VIDEO]”
  1. Hmm………….what is the ONE THING IN COMMON in all of this Chicago violence??????????? An apt description evades me (perhaps because I wish not to be accused of being rayciss! )………………….ONE THING that is evident from ALL VIDEO………….that I just can’t seem to put together.


    And you still think “we” are all equal?

    ANYONE paying attention to what the U.N. is saying about what Hamas did on Saturday? CRICKETS! Except individual administrators tweeting out “EVERYONE exercise restraint.” And “ALL should pull back from the brink!” If you had any doubt that the world hates joos, there’s your proof.

    I want to see Netanyahu NUKE that sandbox into a GLASS BOWL FOR TEN THOUSAND YEARS to let these sub-animals know the lesson for all time. There is NO EXCUSE IN HUMANITY for what hamas is doing, has done and IS ABOUT TO DO. And the “about to do” part is going to ROIL YOUR GUTS. BEBE, you must simply wipe them all, man, woman and child FROM THIS EARTH. LET GOD sort them out.

    Mebbe Chitcago too.

    1. There is the little problem of fallout. Nuke some place too close, and you may kill just as many in your own country.

  2. The video above is a great opportunity for the ISP to enforce JB Pigsters new gun control horse shit known as PICA !!!!! Anyone know how many bad guys the troopers busted ? maybe they’re investigating. I hope they didn’t put all their time into tracking ammo bought by law abiding citizens.

  3. Shitshow.
    Why aren’t the ISP going after those thugs with their full-auto Glocks.
    Personally, I think they should be available to all of us under the 2nd Amendment, but until that happens, I don’t like how the “authorities” aren’t enforcing the laws as written against criminals, but if I carry my SIG with standard cap magazines and a threaded muzzle, I’ll damn sure get arrested and hammered.
    I hope those were big rocks that got tossed throw Pritzker’s windows the other night. He’s an asshole of the highest order.

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