A Cook County Judge and his sister-in-law became the latest victims of Chicago’s endemic armed robberies last week.  Why it took a week for information about the judge becoming a victim is unknown, but par for the course.  It’s embarrassing when powerful people get robbed by these brazen bandits that are striking with impunity across the nicest parts of Chicago.

The case has a nearly-perfect satisfying end as one of the two brazen bastards committing the crime spree in which they robbed the judge and his SIL met a sudden and nearly life-ending tragic ending.  Raymond Jackson ran from the cops and slipped on wet grass, whereupon he was solidly struck by a responding ISP cruiser.

That’s the ISP’s story and they’re sticking to it.  We’re not investigating otherwise.

If it really went down that way, hopefully the ISP will release some dashcam footage soon.

Henceforth, Raymond Jackson will likely be known as “hood ornament” among his fellow prison gang buddies.

As usual CWB has the news:

CHICAGO — A Cook County judge is among six people allegedly targeted by two men who went on a robbery spree across the North Side last week, and one of the men is still recovering after he got run over by an Illinois State Police patrol car.

Antwain Durham, 28, and Raymond Jackson, 22, are both jailed as threats to public safety while awaiting trial.

The robbery spree began last Thursday evening when two armed men carjacked a driver of his Chevy Trailblazer in the 6600 block of North Rockwell.

After getting the SUV, they rolled onto the 6600 block of North Glenwood around 7:30 p.m. They got out and robbed a man and woman at gunpoint. A source identified the victims as a Cook County judge and his sister-in-law…

The Chicago Police Department’s vehicular hijacking nerve center began tracking the stolen Trailblazer on the city’s license plate reader network and shared its location with state troopers, according to an ISP report.

It would be so much easier if Chicago politicians and police execs would grow a pair and actually allow the police to do their jobs and apprehend violent predatory criminals.  But then they would have to fight the ambulance chasing lawyers seeking massive settlements from the city.

Raymond Jackson, aka “The Hood Ornament Guy” and Antwain Durham.

Troopers found the Trailblazer on the Dan Ryan Expressway and followed it until OnStar disabled the vehicle near the 5900 block of South Eggleston, the report said.

Just wait until the Illinois State Police are forbidden from chasing bad guys.

Officers arrested Durham after a foot chase.

Pour yourself a giant cup of schadenfreude for what happens next!

Jackson bolted from the driver’s seat but slipped on wet grass and fell into the path of an on-coming ISP cruiser, according to the state police report. He was hospitalized for serious injuries and is currently being held in the Cook County jail’s hospital unit, according to sheriff’s office records.

That’s awesome.  Hopefully he’ll get a pulmonary embolism and free himself from this moral coil.

5 thoughts on “ROBBERY CITY USA: Cook County Judge, sister-in-law robbed at gunpoint… ISP do the dirty work pursuit and turn one of the mopes into a hood ornament”
  1. What is the “back-story” about the judge and his “SIL” (sister-in-law); is the judge “boinkin'” his wife’s sister, or is it his wife’s brother’s wife? Like Hunter Biden “boinkin'” his dead brother’s wife? How “hot” is she? Where are the pictures? Is she the “ex-girlfriend” of one of the thuggs? MANY questions need answered! Just stirring the ol’ poop-pot to smear or re-direct the focus, too bad the perpetual criminals didn’t reach “room temperature” after the excitement died down, would be better for law-abiding society and all taxpayers not to have to “foot the bill” to incarcerate the scum bass turds for the remainder of what is left of their criminal lives.

  2. Hood ornament? I laughed out loud.
    Nice job ISP! Now show us the dashcam!
    And yes, too bad they didn’t make both of them hood ornaments.
    Chicago is out of control. But Democrats voted for this, so let them have it. Too bad for the bystanders.

    1. Maybe “Hood-O” as a shortened version for the less intellectual “hood-rats” involved, would be a “badge of honor” in da hood.

  3. Are they only deemed threats to public safety because of who they robbed?
    If they had robbed an average Joe, would they be right back on the street because of Prickster’s no cash bail?

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