Liberty safe must be feeling the pain of Americans giving it the “Bud Light” treatment.  It all began about a month ago when Liberty gave the FBI the backdoor access code that will open any Liberty safe with a digital lock.  Then we learned how the company’s owners give exclusively to Democrat political candidates, including many rabidly anti-gun pols.  Now that Americans are aghast at the treachery, sales have apparently fallen off a cliff.  Dealers are demanding change and they’re about to get it.

Liberty announced yesterday evening that they’re formulating instructions for users to reset their backdoor access code.

Now, even if you ASSUME that there’s only one backdoor access code (See me for some prime real estate, including a fancy bridge as part of the property in Brooklyn), there’s another bigger problem.

If they publish that universal backdoor access code, that means everyone with a Liberty Safe just had their backdoor access code made available for every burglar and ne’er-do-well to open their safe unless they reprogram their lock.

Oh, dear Jesus.  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Liberty customers.

One thought on “LIBERTY SAFE SCANDAL CONTINUES: Liberty Safes to offer customers an opportunity to re-program the backdoor access code… those who don’t reprogram may be VERY vulnerable”
  1. Liberty Safe people are trying to soften the landing when they end up in court. I don’t even own a Liberty safe and I’m triggered. I lie awake all night long waiting for that phone call from the Ef-Bee-Aye telling me they want my safe code, my lock box code, and area code. I’m going to soo the Ef-Bee-Aye and Liberty Safe.

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