Just hours ago, CNN published an interview where Hillary Clinton made some rather bold suggestions.  Are you someone who wants to make America great?  To put America first?  You’re an extremist that needs formally deprogrammed.

That sounds a lot like a proposal to bring gulags to America.

Listen to it yourself.  It’s only five minutes and change.

Donald Trump supporters, those people who want to “Make America Great Again” are extremists.  “MAGA extremists,” she says.  They need “formal deprogramming” as cult members, she says.

The only problem, ma’am, is that people with guns aren’t going to load themselves onto rail cars for re-education.

People who love America aren’t a threat to our nation.  They’re a threat to communists, progressive Democrats and Democratic Socialists who want to make America last.

Yeah, putting patriotic Americans who love their country into re-education camps?

Good luck.

H/T to Area Ocho.  See Divemedic’s great post

17 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton on CNN: Those cult-like Patriotic Americans are ‘extremists’ who need ‘formal deprogramming’”
  1. If calls for Gulags aren’t bad enough, The media in India is now reporting on the number of Chinese spies entering the USA.

  2. If Satan had a pet pot bellied pig, Hillary would be that pig. This stretch mark covered hag is sooo bitter because she knows 2 things…. 1) She will never ever be president. it’s the only thing she ever wanted in life and she had one chance and Trump took that away from her. 2) She knows nobody wants her, especially her husband. she stuck with that scum sucking rapist threw thick and thin in hopes of gaining power and staying in the game. she ended up wasting all those years only to look like a doormat. Even a vile serpent like her has to feel bad sitting home knowing her husband is banging’ everyone but her. she knows his antics hurt her in the election too. Now all that’s left is hiding the cash she robbed from scams like helping Haiti and other 3rd world disasters and bitching to an occasional reporter.

    1. I honestly dont think she even cares and I’m certain of the two of them haven’t been intimate since Chelsea was conceived

  3. Yes and it will be Trump Mr.”Take the Guns First” Bumpstock banner who will be building them. If you’re still supporting a civilly liable rapist and con man who’s been charged with 91 felonies and was recently found liable for fraud, who’s daughter is owned by the CCP with her China trade marks, who called our dead soldiers “suckers and losers” and who disparaged a wounded veteran. YES you ARE in a cult and you ARE mentally ill and need of an intervention. If Senile Donald who doesn’t even know that WW2 ended and who thinks Jeb Bush invaded Iraq is the Republican nominee. They deserve to lose. Nikki Haley 2024 she’s the only one who calling for mandatory cognitive tests for politicians and the last thing we need are two senile brain dead geezers who’s brains have turned to mush running for the presidency. Really disappointed that GSL is running this pro-Trump propaganda like they totally forgot that that Mango Mussolini would be happy to take everyone’s guns if they became a threat to him

    1. oh look the Trump dickrider is here. Were you one of the suckers who bought his tacky plagerized NFTs that will be worthless in a few years. Go ahead keep thinking an East Coast con man draft dodger and former democratic donor is going to protect your gun rights. xD

    2. Kevin, OK you don’t like Trump. As far as the 91 felonies and fraud deal goes it’s solid NY Latitia James political witch hunt bullshit and everyone knows it. Calling dead soldiers suckers and losers ??? Got a link to the video ? NOPE. Nikki May be a good choice but she ain’t going to be the nominee, the numbers just aren’t there. Yep, Trump screwed up BIG TIME on bump stocks but what do you think of his 3 SCOTUS judge picks ? Got a 401K ? investments ? I did real good. remember sub $2 a gallon gas ? Tired of endless cash for Ukraine ? How’d he do on the border ? Is Trump perfect ? FUCK NO but I’ll take him and his proven track record any day.

    3. Bill if this is a political witchhunt than my God they’ve found a spellbook, a cauldron, and a cage full of captive children. He’s on tape showing classified documents to people who aren’t authorized to see them and he’s on tape soliciting the Georgia Secretary of State to manufacture votes. No actually I’m glad he’s gone. You sound like a paid Trump shill. Actually he had absolutely nothing to do with “2 dollar gas” because that was the result of the pandemic. A lot of good it did since you couldn’t go anywhere. Please learn the concept of “supply and demand” because when there is a drop in demand for something prices fall as there was with oil prices go down. And his SCOTUS picks were chosen by his handlers: Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy. Mitch McConnell was the one who did the heavy lifting of getting those people confirmed and he deserves the credit not the orange doofus who thought his liberal sister would be a good SCOTUS justice. Trump will be stopped at the convention because he’ll be a convicted felon by the GOP convention and the RNC isn’t going to take that risk. And the “numbers” to stop him are there: It’s called “crossover democrats and independents” and since the dems aren’t having a primary they will likely vote in the republican one to stop Trump. Oh and I’m perfectly fine with our money going to Ukraine. I see you’re another Putin kisser. You do realize that this is a proxy war with China right? I guess you must love the CCP as well since they are backing Russia Slava Ukraine Fuck Putin, Fuck Trump, and Fuck Biden and have a nice day.

    4. Kevin, Yeah, I’m a Putin kisser, I have no concept of supply and demand ( or energy independence ), And yes I love CCP and am a paid Trump shill. I should have known better than to try and have a conversation about the issues with you. I tried and you went full child. You actually think Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are Trump handlers ? That’s almost as idiotic as thinking Nikki Haley will bag the nomination. “Crossover Dummycrats ” whatever that is and Independents aren’t going to vote to sabotage Trump. They’ll be voting Robert F. Kennedy jr in the primary against Diapers Biden or as a 3rd party candidate. Russia Russia Russia, PEE tapes, Stormy Daniels, Jared Kushner non sense, Jan. 6th, etc., etc. etc. now latitia James fiasco. all bullshit that went nowhere. stop being a chump and get off the “we got him this time !!!!” loon bandwagon. Have a wonderful weekend and goodbye.

    5. LOL Bill the Leticia James “bullshit” has gone somewhere actually. He’s been found guilty and this trial now is to determine the amount of money he’s gonna pay. So yes we already “got him” xDDD. Typical dumb Trump supporter response. In fact his lawyer was such a goof she forgot to check the box saying he wanted a jury trial xDDD. Nobody is voting for Grifter RFK Jr the dems aren’t even gonna have a primary. They’re gonna rig it for Biden and cancel the primary. So where are those voters gonna go? They’re gonna vote against Trump for the number 2 person whether its Desantis or Haley or whoever. Same way Brad Rafensperger got re elected in Georgia after he knifed Trump in the back. And no I’m not interested in an “adult conversation” with Trump supporters because you dont have the IQ, intelligence, or mental capacity of an adult for that matter. We already “Got Trump” and the crocodile tears from Sean Hannity and the other Trump ball coddlers over there shows it. He’ll be a convicted felon by the convention next year and no amount of crying from you deplorable rubes will change that. Trump is a criminal, a con man, a cheat, and a loser who appeals to stupid people. And yes Mitch McConnell was his handler regarding judicial picks. Trump wouldn’t be able to pick decent judges to save his life without McConnell’s help because he’s a brainless oaf with the maturity and IQ of a toddler. And some of his lower court picks like Karin Immergut have been a disappointment. Any generic republican would have appointed those justices.

  4. Thanks for trying Kevin, You have failed to convince anyone to abandon Trump. In the future when you do your little “orange man bad vote for Haley ” bit try not to be so abrasive and don’t let all that hate show so much. Trump supporters are pretty committed so if they see you’re just another angry and bitter little man they’ll be impossible to convince. When you go to insulting the other person it shows you can’t hold up your end with facts, it’s a classic trait of a frustrated possibly unstable person. The TDS and mental illness throw you into a rage and that’s not healthy. Time will tell how it all plays out. You may want to be in the safe space with some play dough and coloring books on election night November 2024 ( just like in Nov. 2016 right ? ). I say again have a wonderful weekend and goodbye. Do to the fact that you’re trolling I won’t reply anymore. Post if you like, but my only response will be to shake my head and smile.

    1. Hey Bill than have fun with another four years of sleepy Joe. Suburban educated conservative voters like me are not going to vote for a wannabe authoritarian draft dodging con man who’s disgusted by seeing wounded soldiers. Four more years of Joe Biden whos done next to nothing isn’t going to hurt me so have fun. Oh and by the way I actually drive for a living in fact I’m a full time rideshare driver so gas prices actually affect me. I can tell you that Donald Dementia’s “2 dollar gas” did absolutely NOTHING for me because the country was shut down. I don’t care about “convincing Trump supporters” if you idiots vote for him you deserve another four years of Biden. And frankly id rather have “TDS” than have no integrity or morals which you clearly have neither. I really pray that you dont have daughters because you’re supporting a civilly liable rapist. Btw dumbass I didn’t need any playdough or coloring books because I held my nose and voted for him in 2016. You’re the ones who needed playdough and coloring books after 2020 seeing as you’re the ones who stormed the capitol and earned yourselves a laundry list of criminal charges for a con man and shyster who doesn’t give a shit about any of you. Don’t worry snowflake I’ll get the playdough and coloring books for you when the orange traitor is a convicted felon next year and idiots like you will be crying crocodile tears about how he didn’t get a “fair trial” xDDDD

    2. wow, “kevin” is apparently an unhinged dyed-in-the-wool mentally unstable “KAREN” with a hard-core dose of TDS! poor, little punk-boygirl!
      Stick to the issues folks, Hillary is a media-influencer that is promoting violence toward American citizens on national cable television just because we rejected her Marxist agenda for America!

    3. “kev-KAREN” “drives for a living”? HA a “ride-share” is something to do when you can’t get a “real” job that involves intellect, knowledge, and ability to work with others with intellect, knowledge, and abilities. poor little “kev-KAREN” couldn’t match wits with a garden slug without calling the garden slug derivative names.

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