Gun control disarms victims, not criminals.  That simple truth is ignored by statists and do-gooders who somehow believed if we would just get rid of guns that the world would be a happy place.  If only.

So imagine, after Maryland’s governor signed a new gun control act to further burden law-abiding gun owners (and handicap their ability to fight back), that some bad guys brought guns onto the Morgan State University campus the other night and opened fire, wounding five.

From NBC News:

BALTIMORE — Baltimore police were searching for suspects Wednesday morning after five bystanders were wounded following gunfire during homecoming week celebrations on the campus of Morgan State University.

The injured were believed to be “unintended targets” in what was “probably a dispute between two smaller groups,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said at a news conference Wednesday.

Four of the victims are Morgan State University students and one has since been released from the hospital, he said. The injured, four men and one woman, range in age from 18 to 22, and were hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening, campus police have said.

Worley said Wednesday that police know there was “more than one person with a weapon” at the scene but investigators were still studying ballistic evidence to determine how many guns were fired.

Those listening to the live-stream of police radio frequencies reported that there were two black males dressed in all black firing the shots from the 7th floor of the Thurgood Marshall Hall college dorm.

Thurgood Marshall Hall is the building on the right.

Check out these Tweets raving about Maryland “protecting” young people in schools from lunatics, criminals and terrorists.

Gun control fails yet again.  But don’t look for the mainstream media to report that bit of news.

Then again, in other news, water is wet.  They don’t report on that either.

Remember folks, gun control disarms victims, not criminals.

3 thoughts on “GUN CONTROL NEVER WORKS: Strict gun control state Maryland (#8 per Everytown) sees mass public shooting at Morgan State U in Baltimore”
  1. The gun control loons like the “desperate moms” and Giffords are probably pretty unhappy, they were hoping for a pile of bodies they could use as props for their latest civilian disarmament campaign. They do prefer murdered children, especially if they’re killed in a school they helped make sure was a soft target. Since this is black on black the media will bury the story.

  2. Just like the fact “water is wet”, the same facts: “criminals will not obey ‘no-gun’ signs, areas, laws, etc., etc., etc.” “Common sense” isn’t, the “democRAT-ICK party” isn’t, “Friendly-fire” isn’t, etc. (ala: Chris Plante)
    Face the facts people, things will only change when things get “bad enough”; things are not “bad enough” yet, sad to say.

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