Trick or treat, smell their cash.  The Bloomington, IL PD will be hosting a “gun buyback” on Saturday, October 29th.  They’re not saying how much they’re paying yet, but assuming they’re paying $100 or more per unwanted “firearm,” let’s help them make it a big success.

Got unwanted, non-functioning, or barely functioning firearms?  Have any antiques that are effectively obsolete?  Here’s your chance to sell them to some do-gooders for perfectly good cash.


I’d recommend getting there around 8:30 or so (the location is 2602 Six Points Road in Bloomington).  There will be a line.  There always is.  And they’ll be out of cash within the first half-hour, of so.  Unless of course they’re offering below-market buyback prices for guns.

Now, if they really wanted to get guns and magazines, they should be like Decatur and offer $225 for handguns, $100+ for long guns and $25 for magazines.  Just sayin’!

More at the Facebook announcement


This is probably another bird-brained idea by Bloomington’s “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” police chief Jamal Simington. 

That’s Chief Jamal Simington on the left.



GSL likely won’t be participating because your’s truly is out of clunkers.  And we’re not accepting any more.

If you would like to take your broken-down stuff out to the fire station on Six Points Road and deliver them to the do-gooders, great.  Then if you want to donate those funds to GSL for use in youth shooting programs across Illinois, we’ll happily accept the cash and/or pre-paid “gift cards.”  Heaven knows there are countless school clays programs, Pheasants Forever Young Guns programs and youth shooting camps across our state that could use a few hundred bucks.  (We can run credit cards all day long and twice on Sundays.)

We don’t want you to drop off guns with us and I’ll tell you why:

We’ve already been targeted by overzealous law enforcement officers trying to lure us into ignoring waiting periods and proper protocols for private transfers of firearms in our state.   Why those cops aren’t out busting gang bangers and their full-auto Glocks?  We don’t know.   That might be a little more dangerous than trying to bait a CCW holder…

Given the 309 area code of yesterday’s caller who didn’t identify himself but said he had “upwards of a dozen” guns that he was willing to drop off at my house for our next buyback adventure, I’m starting to think the source of the call might have been one of Jamal’s buddies.  If so, that would truly be disappointing.  But from what I’ve heard, the wokester Jamal has a reputation for being mercenary in his actions to advance his career.

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  1. I was hoping they’d do another free “gun safe” giveaway. I could use a couple of those to make more room in my real gun safe.

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