On Thursday we covered the story of a mentally-ill boy pretending to be a girl in a middle school in Oregon.  The “transgendered” boy savagely beat down young girl in the school hallways.  I invited our readers to offer their thoughts if that had been their daughter or granddaughter.

Well guess what, they same “trans” punk beat two other girls in the same school.  And he’s still there!

As I wrote the first round:  If you can’t keep [the kids] reasonably safe then you can pass a new bond issue to pay for the lawsuits.

Paging good attorneys.

The best comment yesterday, in my opinion?

Me? I wouldn’t do a darn thing. I would pay my attorney for an hour of his time to have a meeting with the school principal to explain what’s going to happen if it should ever happen again. Or perhaps skip the principal who might want to dodge the meeting and have my attorney go to the school board instead.

Does this change what anyone would do if this happened to their little girl or grandchild?

4 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD YOU DO 2.0? Same ‘trans’ student attacks two other middle school girls in Oregon…”
  1. David always brings wisdom to the posts, my favorites were actually the ones about being a dad and teaching your kids to fight and fight dirty. the second one was reason #112332 teach your kids how to fuck up an attacker. I LOVE it. I have 3 daughters and he’s 100% correct about teaching them. A large group of the girls at that school need to work together to give this mental patient a ass kicking, and every parent needs to go to the school board meeting and raise hell until this kid is out of school. BTW my oldest went to the training GSL had for dealing with bullies and other assholes. That was years ago and I would love to see that again for my 2 current teen girls.

  2. …the best way to deal with the little punk “girl-wanna-be” male-appendage-biatch is for the real girls to humiliate it profusely with a beat-down just as severe as (s)he would give to a real girl AFTER (s)he{it} instigated confrontational violence.
    STOP giving these trannys “special” attention because of their mental illness! Commit them into psychiatric care, maybe they can be “helped”?

  3. The problem is not the mentally ill trans student. The problem is the school system is enabling his mental illness and not applying the normal rules and norms of expected behavior because “reasons.” The woke LGBTQEIO activists see nothing wrong with this behavior because “reasons.” The normal folks in the school system are afraid they will be destroyed by the insane woke LGBTQ loons if they dare say anything against the trans cause, even that violence by a trans student is unacceptable and should be stopped.

    Further, Do Not be surprised if your own personal friend and lawyer begs off any involvement. She/He lives and works with the vindictive crazies too.

    Get involved in your child’s education. Get involved in their school and school board. Don’t wait until he or she comes home with injuries or new pronouns.

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