Poor dementia Joe.  He tried to “crack down” on schools with hunting and archery programs. The US House, with only one Dem voting against it, shut that down.  How the resolution to rebuke Biden on this passed with only one “nay” vote is beyond me, but it passed.

From World Net Daily:

Congress has snubbed Joe Biden’s anti-Second Amendment scheme for America’s schools on a resounding 424-1 vote.

The vote killed Biden’s plan to crack down on hunting and archery classes.

According to a report from Fox News, the Biden administration, as it has done so often, redefined words to pursue its agenda.

In this case, it redefined a 2022 gun-control bill in Biden’s attempt to strip funding from schools that have hunting and archery programs.

The Truth About Guns reports that the Senate now passed the same bill and Biden’s handlers say he’ll sign it.

One thought on “US House rejects Biden’s bid to ‘defund’ schools with hunting, archery programs…”
  1. I believe sleepy Joe and his band of puppeteers have seen the writing on the wall. In so much that. Even when they kick him to the curb. Their next candidate will perhaps not be so vociferous regarding the 2nd Amendment. Notice I said perhaps.

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