Registration is coming in a week.  The window to register closes at the end of the year.

You have a lot of options here.  IF you do decide to register, wait until mid-December to see if the courts shut it down.

The Emergency Rules have been published.

As Todd Vandermyde predicted, they are BAD.

How bad?

If you lose your FOID for any reason, even a temporary suspension or an ex-parte order of protection, you must surrender all of your banned firearms, all of your banned magazines, gun parts that fit on banned firearms (“accessories”) and any .50 caliber stuff you have – to include ammo.  This includes “condition of pre-trial release” for something akin to a DUI.

It’s a CONFISCATION mechanism.

Some of those exempted are exempted ONLY while performing official duties.  Take it home afterwards?  It must be registered and treated accordingly (as in unloaded, encased and empty mags unloaded and encased…  like that’s gonna happen.)

The following persons are not required to complete an electronic
endorsement affidavit to possess an assault weapon, assault
weapon attachment, .50 caliber rifle, or .50 caliber cartridge while
the person is performing official duties:

i) Armed security personnel in this State at a nuclear energy,
storage, weapons, or development site or facility regulated
by the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission;
ii) Private security personnel licensed under the Private
Detective, Private Alarm, Private Security, Fingerprint
Vendor, and Locksmith Act of 2004; and
iii) Members of the Armed Services or Reserve Forces of the
United States or the Illinois National Guard, who are also
exempt while traveling to or from their places of duty.

However, these persons must complete an electronic endorsement
affidavit if their possession of these items extends beyond the
performance of their official duties. (See 720 ILCS 5/24 1.9(e)).

You narrow few exceptions, you MUST transfer to a dealer to sell out of state, or to someone out of state.  You cannot get the stuff back.

There’s all manner of constitutional problems with this, obviously.  And yes, we need to rattle JCAR with public comments.

Freedom week stuff can’t be “registered.”  Neither can TRO purchases.

People must also attest that they are “registering” their stuff “voluntarily.”  But it’s NOT voluntary.  It’s done under penalty of law for failing to do it.  I think that may be the reason I simply refuse.  I will not attest that I’m doing something voluntarily when it’s being done under duress.

Epic loophole:  If you move into IL you can register anything regardless of when acquired.  I can see this as the “out” for  some people who lose their stuff because of a “suspension.”

This whole thing is ripe for lawsuits.

6 thoughts on “Illinois ‘Gun Registration’ scheme rules published by Illinois State Police… Here’s what they say… You won’t like it.”
  1. Just think, the Illinois State Police are IGNORING a federal court order for people who purchased things LEGALLY during that 6-day window of freedom week. They are also IGNORING people protected under the TRO. 100% of the Republicans in the General Assembly, the House so far has voted for HB2722 to rob your wallet of your money and give it to who? It’s not Ukraine although that would be better while still ripping off the taxpayers. They are giving it to the Illinois State Police. Confiscation takes money and the GOP has their backs. The hell with all of you that voted red to hopefully avoid this sort of thing. I hope every self-respecting gun owner refuses to vote for anyone in the General Assembly with an R next to their name. That is of course, is unless you’re ok being strung along by a party that will backstab you at a time you need help the most. If you continue to vote Republican for the state legislature thinking they’re an actual pro-2A party then you get the government you deserve and are a Stockholm Syndrome infected sheep. The ISP is an activist agency of entrapment and enslavement to the population of whom are perceived political opponents to the left. They are agents of the state on the ground to harm the people of Illinois. Gun owners who still support the ISP are just like the gullible adherents to Faucism that wear a mask alone in the car, or at all. If anyone lives and votes in the 95th District should ask Mr. Coburn how he would vote on HB2722 knowing all of this that we do now. How long will it take for the greater pro-2A advocates and groups come to terms with the fact that here in IL the ISP is the central enemy of your rights. OR, how long before prominent 2A activists start calling for the end of police qualified immunity? The Governor of New Mexico’s tirade exposed this issue. The local cops there did not want to enforce her order because they were afraid of being PERSONALLY sued for civil rights violations. New Mexico got rid of qualified immunity and handed that power back to the people. Police there ARE responsible for their misconduct…………PERSONALLY! Any Republican running on a 2A platform must be asked where they stand on HB2722 and qualified immunity. Their answer to the simple question will expose them as a candidate for the people or a candidate who dupes the people for votes then goes to Springfield to further empower the state over you. It’s really that simple.

    1. The political right per se has long “backed the blue” but as times have changed and we now know more information about how things work like qualified immunity (thank you New Mexico) in addition to these massive gun control laws like IL’s new gun ban it turns out that the conservatives, GOP, the right, whatever you call it has just backed themselves into a corner with this blind cop worship. That cult-like devotion to government agents is now directly pitted against the 2A which the right also supports, per se. It’s like painting oneself into a corner because the lack of foresight and supporting an issue that you were told you to in order to conform to the political groups you want to like you has now turned into your own detriment. If you are one of these blind “back the blue” people you just walked into the alligator’s mouth after years of being told they don’t bite.

  2. How can the ISP refuse to allow freedom week firearms into data base (should the purchasers choose to register them) when the ISP APPROVED THE SALE of the firearms that were sold at the time in the first place?

  3. I don’t think I am registering shit.
    Travis and Casey (?) sure are all animated about R votes on that one bill. Why?

  4. Too bad the ISP can’t put this much effort into getting the firearm service phone answered, or stop violating the law by taking to long to issue a FOID or CCL. If they want to go after people with guns they should go to the inner city garbage can and get some gang members or carjackers. Nope that would take some balls and they no longer have any, they’re Pritzkers little ass kissing bootlickers.

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