Isn’t Chicago just great?   On a Monday afternoon in broad daylight, a pair of thugs loitered around and then found a victim.  They beat him pretty good.  It’s all on video too.

Guess how many police have in custody?

Laugh out loud.

Custody?  They might not have taken a report yet.

This would have had a very different outcome if the victim had a concealed carry gun on him.

“Oh no!”  (Wringing hands!) “But someone might have gotten hurt if he had a gun!”

Exactly.  That’s the point.

4 thoughts on “WELCOME TO CHICAGO: Robberies proliferate… like this guy’s beat-down and robbery in Bucktown… [VIDEO]”
  1. The guy who was beaten up is like so many people I’ve seen in the city. They walk down the street completely oblivious to what people around them are potentially up so. In this case, the alley is even worse than the open street. Whenever you see two or a few guys lingering around an area or pacing back and forth in the span of about half a block they are probably looking for an opportunity to strike someone that is easy. I’ve seen people in Edgewater, of course this can be in any neighborhood, where a couple guys pace the sidewalk while another kneels down between two cars parked in the street. THEY are looking for someone’s wallet or purse, or phone probably. Walking down the middle of the street if that block happens to be dark like from too many trees covering up the streetlights for example can reduce the chances of attack. Walking oblivious like this guy, wallet in back pocket, walking too close to bushes, large trash cans and other hiding places only increase the risk of robbery. It amazes me how many people who have lived in a large city for many years continue to forget basis street smarts or walk through a cross walk without looking back to see if a car is approaching like they are placing their life if not a couple broken legs in the hands of a total stranger who more likely than not are paying attention to a text instead of who might be in the crosswalk. SO yes, while these two guys are thugs, it’s up to the individual to position themselves where risk of attack is reduced. If these guys are attacking people in an alley during broad daylight then they would probably do so out on the street after dark. I wonder if the guy who was attacked is a gun control supporter and now perhaps not so much? I’ve heard that an anti-gun person in Chicago is a lib who hasn’t been robbed yet. Perhaps.

  2. First of all if the races where reversed the leftist sheep would be screaming and the whole PD would be investigating ( remember Jesse Smollett ). It boggles the mind that this dumbass victim, lets call him Mr. Man Bun is walking along stuffing his face and even passes a bad guy that’s wearing a ski mask !!!!! Wow !!! Just Wow !!!! It looked like they even spoke to him as he past by and he still didn’t get it.

  3. I see more of the usual suspects. Also, I am not blaming the victim, if you look like a victim you will be one. All the more reason to be armed. God created all men, Colt made them equal.

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