Here’s what anti-gun agitprop looks like.

So, we’re supposed to believe that some militia man (ooh, those evil militias!) used his mega-powerful (MAGA-powerful?) .50 caliber BMG rifle to down an F-35 at least a half-mile away (at best straight up, more likely further away if the jet wasn’t immediately above the shooter).

For this reason we need to declare a jihad on Americans owning a .50 caliber rifle, right?  And militias too, for good measure, correct?

Welcome to the Internet folks.

If gun control was truly a righteous cause, why do they need to lie?

3 thoughts on “STIRRING THE POT: Here’s what anti-gun agitprop looks like re: F-35 crash”
  1. I think your spidey senses are right on here. Nobody shot down an F35 with a .50 caliber rifle. This is bullshit.

  2. Anonymous sources are worth nothing. Its rumor and little more. But if they can invent an imaginary bad guy that suits them, not surprising.

  3. The pilot said he heard SEVERAL pings. Either the engine was knocking because of low-octane gasoline or the scion of Carlos Hathcock hit that bird at least 3 times

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