Welcome to Chicago.  Where young thugs with stolen guns prowl the streets in stolen cars looking for more victims.  And sometimes they savagely beat their victims.  Other times they kill their victims.  Like the 86-year-old man in the Gresham neighborhood of Murder City USA.  He was minding his own business and living his best life when three young thugs tried to rob him.

They shot him in the thigh to prove they meant business.

“Oh, it’s just a leg shot” the borderline illiterate thugs probably thought.

Except they hit him in the femoral and the pillar of the community soon bled out, further degrading the quality of the community and the people therein.  After all, if you kill off all the great people in a community, the community is not enriched or improved.

A few minutes later, the brazen bastard bandits returned to the alley behind the residence.  Why?  They wanted to make entry into the house to further steal from a man of God.

Police chased them briefly before the “no pursuit” policy kicked in and the bandits got away.

From WGN TV:

CHICAGO — Police are investigating after an elderly man died after a shooting in the city’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood on Saturday morning.

Family members identified the victim as 86-year-old Charles Hobson and say he was a pillar in his South Side community.

“He was retired, he was living his best life,” Kimberly Hobson-Gary, a daughter-in-law of the victim, said.

Family and friends rushed to the 8100 block of South Throop on Saturday morning after getting word that Hobson had been shot while coming out of his home to get his cell phone from his car.

Family members say Hobson, who was a former entrepreneur and a long-time Auburn Gresham resident, was well-loved in the community.

“He was first and foremost a man of god and he belonged to St. Mark United Methodist Church. He was a community man,” Hobson-Gary said.

A neighbor in the area told WGN TV News that the suspects stole Hobson’s car, but later returned to the alley behind the house, where they then ran from police.

May they roast in hell.

6 thoughts on “THUGS DON’T CARE: 86-year-old man killed by robbers was ‘a man of God’, ‘a pillar of the community’”
  1. When there are no consequences for despicable crimes there will be more despicable crime and degenerate criminals, America is reaping what the unlawful democRATS have sown with the “social jus-us” policies and ANTIFA sympathizing mentally deficient “prosecutors”.
    When it gets bad enough, things will change, unfortunately, things are not bad enough yet.

  2. Looking forward to the day when one victim takes down about a half dozen of this scum, ala Bernhard Goetz.

  3. This makes me sick. A decent, honorable man is shot down by feral thugs. Today’s “progressive” lunatic left has given us this society. Thirty years ago, the cops would have hunted punks like this down and they would spend the rest of their lives in places like Pontiac and Marion. Today, IF CAUGHT, they’re released on electronic home monitoring until they’re sentenced to boot camp.

  4. It’s a damn shame Mr. Man of God traded his sword for plowshares and didn’t have a CCW in his pocket. The looks on the faces of those shitbirds would have truly been priceless after he poked a hole or two in the first one’s chest. Instead, they shot him down and then came back for more!!! Brazen bastards indeed.

  5. Life in America’s bleep-hole cities, welcome to America governed by Kommie-krats (aka” democRATS!).

    1. Feral animals get all the publicity. Which is a damn shame because most black folks, like most white folks, are decent people.

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