The good news is that the anti-gun left paid Quisling Ryan Busse $150 an hour for a 7-page Declaration to the Court in the California Magazine case Duncan v. Bonta.  The even better news is that California was the one spending the frivolous expenditure.

Read the Declaration…  it’s so good and so persuasive!

It’s truly a must read.

Just kidding.  It’s a goddamn farce.  Read it and take a drink of your favorite beverage every time you chuckle.  Alcohol-based or not, you’re gonna need to pee shortly after you finish this modern art masterpiece (hat tip to R. Lee Ermey).

If that’s the best they’ve got, we’ve got this.  Maybe Busse could persuade  Kwame Raoul to urinate away Illinois taxpayer monies to do this for their weaksauce case here.

2 thoughts on “$150/HR? Judge Benitez unswayed by Quisling Ryan Busse’s lame Declaration to the Court”
  1. Busse’s work is shit. But when you have nothing of substance, you throw shit on the wall & see if it will stick. I still remember from college: if you can’t Dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.

  2. And yet we all wait for the 7th Circuit Appeals Court to issue their Oscar Mayer bologna in order to get this before the USSC for a good thrashing . Tick tok tick tok… Breuen withstanding the issue in IL is NOT ability to carry firearms in public. This is an east case. See Heller vs District of Columbia. Firearms in common use for lawful purposes SUCH AS…. The IL statute has been unconstitutional since 2008. Brueun only clarified the Heller reasoning for the inferior courts.

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