Louisville Police Officer Brandon Haley had better add his fellow officer Colin Billotto to his Christmas card list after a shooting on September 7th.  Louisville Metro PD released bodycam showing Haley getting shot by a rifle-toting individual while on an unrelated traffic stop.

LMPD Officer Billotto arrived moments later and narrowly missed getting shot himself as he too came under withering rifle fire.  With exceptional courage and gallantry under fire, he returned fire.  He then dragged his wounded compatriot out of the line of fire.

Over the next couple of minutes, he continued to drag Haley almost a block to create some distance between them and the would-be cop killers.  Billotto then administered first aid on the critically wounded Haley.

About six and a half minutes after the shooting, they loaded the officer in an unmarked squad car (it was handy) and transported Haley to the hospital where he was in critical condition.

Officer Brandon Haley.

The video is fairly graphic and not safe for work.  It’s well worth watching as it shows remarkable courage under fire.


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Body camera video released Wednesday shows Louisville Metro Police Officer Brandon Haley as he was shot in the Chickasaw neighborhood two weeks ago.

Haley was shot in the abdomen and critically wounded Sept. 7 at 38th and West Kentucky streets. LMPD said Haley was attempting to catch up to a car that didn’t have lights on. He got out of his car and radioed back that two subjects were running from the scene. As he ran toward their car, the body camera footage shows Haley stumble to the ground as more than 15 shots ring out.

The shots came from a nearby house, LMPD Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey said in a news conference Wednesday…

The other officer on the scene with Haley was Officer Colin Billotto. He caught up to Haley in a yard and checked on him as more shots rang out. Billotto returned fire while trying to get Haley to safety…

That’s an understatement.  At great personal risk while under fire Billotto dragged Haley, one pull at a time, for almost a block to get them both out of the line of fire and to give them some distance in case the suspect decided to advance and engage again.  Not sure what sort of awards Louisville has for exceptional courage under fire, but Billotto needs that award.

It took the better part of five minutes for responding officers to arrive and they quickly identified the house they believe the shots originated.  After a long stand-off with the occupants they made some arrests.

Five people — Dominique Thompson, Jemond Groves, Quantez Porter, Jacquan Ransom and Demarco Coney Jr. — have been arrested in connection Haley’s shooting, but none of them have been charged with pulling the trigger. 

After the shooting, police were involved in a standoff at the house that continued for several hours.

According to court documents, police eventually executed a search warrant at the home. Police allegedly found suspected heroin, crystal methamphetamine, a white powdery substance suspected to be fentanyl or cocaine, ecstasy, Xanax and assorted drug paraphernalia. Additionally, police said they found nine firearms, including four handguns and five rifles, two of which were stolen.

We send our best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery for Officer Haley.  The good news is that he’s doing better.  Unfortunately he’s still in the hospital.  “Let’s go Brandon!” — in a good way.

Hopefully authorities will be able to identify the would-be cop killers and bring them to justice.

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  1. Glad Officer Haley is recovering. Throw house occupants into a wood chipper because they aren’t fit to breathe oxygen.

    1. More of Obama’s boys?
      Too bad that instead of executing a search warrant then didn’t just execute.

  2. Looks like steel jacketed projectiles. Good thing those hoodlums don’t know how to use sights.

  3. I love how you deliberately spelled out the names of the usual suspects. Bill Cosby is rolling in his grave .

  4. Heroism yes! Brandon screamed like a little girl though. But I might have done the same if I’d been in his shoes.

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