On Tuesday, Guns Save Life’s group of veterans (and related guardians) flew out of Springfield to Washington D.C. as part of the Honor Flight program.  I went.  It was beyond incredible.  I didn’t get back home until after midnight and couldn’t go to sleep until 2a.m. because I was so excited.

I’ll have more in the coming days…  But here’s a teaser.

On Monday early evening, VFW Post held a free dinner for the Honor Flight veterans.  Among those present were at least four World War II veterans, two of which joined us for this flight.

They were recognized and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

A few hours later, at before 4am, people were lined up to check in for the flight to DC.  Yeah, oh-dark hundred.

Yes, check out the time on the clock.

The Land of Lincoln Honor Flight people approached Guns Save Life about sending some of our veterans on an Honor Flight about a year ago.  Initially, we were going to fly early next year, but availability opened up for this September flight and we took it.

We had exceptional weather and a hundred or more volunteers from the Honor Flight organization made things run so smoothly.

Add in the volunteer guardians who saw to the needs of their veterans over the course of the day.  What’s more, they paid for the privilege of serving as guardians for our heroes from World War II, Korea and Vietnam by paying for their respective seat on the chartered airliner.

I didn’t really set out to take a lot of photos, but I have 905.

Give me a little time to cull through those while taking care of other business.  The October edition of GunNews was printed very early Wednesday morning and is now in the wild…  I transferred copies to some of our north central Illinois distribution hubs today and more will get them tomorrow.  We’ll also mail the bulk packs tomorrow.  Lots more to do as well.

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