Chicago is such a wonderful, welcoming bucolic city, right?  Oh wait.  Chicago?  I misspelled “MURDER CITY USA.”   Under the topic of “Life in the Blue Zones,” an incident Friday evening linked to the Mexican Independence Day celebrations left one Chicago cop seriously maimed.

So far there hasn’t been a peep from the mainstream media about the savage attack caught on tape.  Or arrests.

How the officer’s attacker escaped without getting well-shot is testament to the reluctance of police to use deadly force in Chicago.

And just in case X takes it down again…

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Here’s a still shot of the visible disfiguring injury from the hospital.

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  1. If you like mehico so much and wish to celebrate your ‘heritage’ please take your ass back to Mexico and do so. Ya can’t bring there here without here becoming there. Enough of this bullshit.

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