Add social media cred to the “thug” lifestyle and you get young men and women committing horrific crimes just for fun and clicks.  And the mainstream media, ever attendant to the fake news narratives of the day, cheerfully covers stories that conflict with the narrative…  with a pillow.  Until they stop moving.

From the National Conservative website:

On August 14, Andreas Probst, a 64-year-old retired Bell, California, police chief, was riding his bicycle in a designated bike lane in Las Vegas, NV.

A car rammed into him, and he died shortly after. Police arrested the seventeen-year-old driver a short distance away but classified his identity. Probst’s death was only treated as a traffic-related homicide.

However, a passenger in the car had videotaped the killing. The attack was apparently live-streamed on an unspecified social media platform. The video shows two Black males in a Hyundai Elantra engaged in a criminal rampage. They intentionally hit another car. Then, they intentionally hit and fatally injured Probst. 

The video was brought to the attention of police on Aug. 29. The charges were upgraded to open murder. However, his identity is still classified. There are no reports that the accomplice, who videotaped the murder, has been arrested. The Las Vegas Review-Journal says the car used in the attack was stolen. 

The story has been quarantined to local media coverage only. After the charges were upgraded to murder, most local Las Vegas media outlets only referred to the victim as “a 64-year-old man.”

However, the video has exploded across Twitter today, drawing shock and outrage that the story has been so suppressed in media.

Be careful out there!

3 thoughts on “Shameless thugs run over Texas cyclist… Media memory-hole the attack as it doesn’t fit their racial narrative”
  1. Feral “youth”, raised without morals or responsibility, expect more of this disgusting behavior to be recorded for the “one-upmanship” it will encourage, especially if the consequences are minimized because of the age of the scum.

  2. Great ambassadors for the black community they are! I had more respect for the turds I crapped this morning than those turds in the stolen car.

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