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Gun ban law challenge back in court

A challenge to Illinois’ gun and magazine ban is back in circuit court after attorney Thomas DeVore filed a motion to reconsider.

Devore’s original consolidated cases where he had thousands of temporary restraining orders in place were vacated after the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the law in a different challenge. His latest filing in Effingham County provides sworn affidavits about certain exempt classes not getting firearms training.

6 thoughts on “Tom DeVore formally files motion to reconsider”
  1. I wish him well but between activist judges including one who can’t get over the fact that his prize ruling sucks and was slapped down by Bruen, and bought and paid for ISC judges his chances are low.

  2. I wish him all the luck. If 2A activists were serious about taking down gun control they’d go after police qualified immunity. The New Mexico lesson showed us that when police do NOT have that special rights protection which is essentially their “get out of jail card” to escape PERSONAL responsibility for their wrongful actions. You see, when they have qualified immunity they have a free pass to then “just doing their job” to enslave you with made up felonies for guess what? A paycheck! HOWEVER, when they face the risk of personal liability of getting sued for violating your constitutional rights they tend to back off. See the trend? They don’t care about you or your rights. They care about the money in their pocket. THAT is the only thing that will bring down unconstitutional gun control. The greater 2A activists sometimes forget that not everyone cares about our rights and the only way to accomplish said goals is to go after something THEY care about which is money and risk of legal consequences. Never forget human nature. People are interested in themselves.

  3. Bill, I don’t expect Devore to win at this level anyway. This will have to end up before SCOTUS. Sorry, that is the truth of our internment in this hog wallow.

    Mark, I agree. SCOTUS invented QI, and SCOTUS needs to shoot it down.

  4. 2A Lawsuits in Illinois are like gambling with your rent money that you borrowed from Payday loan. The left in Illinois has the majority of the Circuit courts (north of Springfield) bought and paid for, the Appellate Courts are even worse and the Illinois State Supreme Court is tied with California as the blue ribbon banana court, north of the Rio Grande. A true laughing stock of Judicial comedy missing only Mayorkas as a sidekick.

    Removing immunity for 2A civil violations, by law enforcement, is a great first step.

  5. DeVore is a peace of shit GSL Is a peace of shit how about sue for bruen in heller in federal court tomorrow…oh wait there is no money in it for you all…that’s why

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