Looks like at least one sheriff in Illinois, and probably others, are releasing inmates a little ahead of time in anticipation of the September 18th formal launch of “No Cash Bail.”  Check out the money quote for Williamson County Sheriff Jeff Diederich:

they may have had prior felonies and be convicted felons and we are releasing those individuals back out on the street

Hope you signed up for that self-defense legal coverage and cleaned your heaters.  Because the boys are back in town, courtesy of the “SAFE-T” Act.  From WSIL TV:

MARION, Ill. — Roughly 30 inmates were released on Friday from the Williamson County Jail ahead of the cash bail coming to an end on Monday. This total could be up to 85 soon as more are said to be released.

“This is phase one which will occur between now and Sunday evening right before we roll over to the 18th of September,” Williamson County Sheriff Jeff Diederich said.

Sheriff Diederich said he was extremely concerned about this.

“I’m concerned because the individuals we released today, not all, but most of them had charges or believed to have committed felony level offenses,” Sheriff Diederich said. “In many cases they may have had prior felonies and be convicted felons and we are releasing those individuals back out on the street and I’m extremely concerned as a sheriff.”

Sheriff Diederich said these inmates are individuals who face a range of charges and they have a corresponding victim involved with the charges they face.

“At the end of the day, this is not a great day for law enforcement. I think Southern Illinois is fairly united in the message that we’re not pleased with this. And, as sheriff as Williamson County, I am familiar with the voters of Williamson County and I don’t think this is something they would have chosen,” Sheriff Diederich said. “However, it is the law of the land. We will adhere to the law, but we fully intend to be out on the streets, we intend to make it very clear that those that commit criminal activity in Williamson County will still be held accountable and we will do so under the rule of law.”


3 thoughts on “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE: ‘No Cash Bail’ releases happening already…”
  1. Don’t worry about the Illinois State Police priorities. In Williamson County they sit on I-57 and harass drivers on a continuous basis. Not to mention their witch hunts against Pritzker’s political opponents. Opps……..I mean those “deadly assault weapons.” Republicans have someone’s back………………….oh yeah. The ISP’s!

  2. Just codifying what Crook county has been doing for years. As the old Beretta TV theme went. Don’t do the crime. If you can’t do the time. But in this case. Feel free to run wild in Crimenois. There will be no consequences.

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