Second City Cop raises a topic that pretty much all of Chicago’s leaders would rather go away:  the “belly gun” reportedly snuck into White Sox Field by an obese 20-something Chicago Public School teacher (who doesn’t even live in the city, despite a residency requirement).

One thing’s certain, that obese teacher has ruined it for super-fat people everywhere in America.  If the morbidly obese set off metal detectors in the future, things are going to get a lot more…  personal… as good security staff will work to ensure no more “belly guns” get smuggled in through fat rolls.

From SCC:

So a few people were asking in the comments about the status of the Sox Park shooting. We weren’t surprised to see it fade into the background:

  • CPS employee not cooperating;
  • shady/poor security personnel and procedures;
  • Waller being shut down by downtown;
  • Reinsdorf insisting on a shot coming from outside the park

You can see that the powers-that-be want this one to fade into the background and from memory as soon as possible. Hell, even the investigating detectives have been stepped on to keep the reports far away from view.

Having this one embarrass BJ or Reinsdorf or the CPS teacher doesn’t serve any particular narratives and might invite unwanted scrutiny to other aspects of the event. The media is a wholly owned subsidiary of the democrat party, so they aren’t going to push it.

Hell, look at Hawaii. Have you heard anything about Maui in the past week or three? Almost five hundred people are still missing. If you know where to look, there are reports of burned out cars on the highway with skeletons of entire families contained within….and not a single whisper of the government screw-ups that closed down evacuation roads, shut down hydrant pipes, the failure of routine power line maintenance…..because everyone involved is a democrat…

If you’re not reading SCC everyday, you should be.

Meanwhile, some of the comments are precious and quite insightful both in this story and the original report:

Anonymous Anonymous said…

The CPS teacher involved would have more issues if righteousness prevailed in this clusterfuck.

#1: If the teacher would have been charged, she could have been terminated by CPS depending on the charge and if she was found guilty.

#2: This teacher from Graham School in Canaryville, says she lives in the Western Suburbs. Some investigative work found she’s too young (42) to be grandfathered-in with the old CPS Policy (hired before 11-20-1996) and live wherever as she would have been in high school in 1996 and only 16 yes. old.

Also, the last 5 years of CPS Residency Waiver lists fail to show any employees at Graham School getting a waiver. (Waivers are given to special need basis subject area teachers/staffers that live in the suburbs or another state at the time of their hirings).

One can’t be hired as a Chicago resident and then move to the suburbs or another state and try to get a waiver. This is seen a circumventing the policy.

However, CPS only investigates residency violators if you’re deemed a troublemaker of an employee. The CPS Inspector General knows about a minimum of 50 employees violating the policy right now and they don’t even bother to investigate them. Two Steinmetz employees (Dept Chair of their Counseling dept and a Spanish teacher) live a block away from each other on West Street in River Grove. They’ve been in violation for 12 and 18 years and the CPS inspector General (Willuam Fletcher) does nothing. The vounselor even violates the student residency policy by not living in Elmwood Park and sending her two kids to one of their schools.


Anonymous NavySealRanger12 said…

Lax security and a terrible response by Sox stadium management (coupled with non-existent training for CPD to handle something of this magnitude). They posted a response on the billboard saying that the concert will be cancelled due to “technical issues”. The whole thing looked like a scene out of a “Naked Gun” movie.
This along with the bogus shots fired at the United Center has made Chicago into a punchline and word has got out that this city is ill prepared for safely managing large events. If there was ever a real active shooter incident in a Chicago sports venue it would be horrific.


Anonymous Anonymous said…

Here’s the breakdown as it was told to my by police on scene. Obese woman hides a gun in a fold of fat. The woman then attempted to discretely remove this firearm and it discharged striking her in the leg and then an innocent gets grazed in the stomach. Extremely embarrassing for the Sox and their security staff.


Anonymous Anonymous said…

I worked that gig. 2 hours of driving that shit highway, which was shit even before this summers work, during rush hour. Then you have to park at furthest parking lot where that cheap bastard who owns the Sox makes you pay the city tax for parking.

Then the long walk. Then the sweaty roll call where you get a shit assignment because you dont have the clout to get a sitting post. And then you work the gates until you get all the people in, after you have to check your gun in before you work the park itself. They freak out if the catch you sitting, or even leaning, and after 5 or 6 hours of that you remember just how much you hate fucking baseball.

And theres always a chance you get in the middle of a bunch of drunken Jagoffs, in the bleachers especially. We had a nosy, bimbo, PO that they made a supervisor because of her clout who was a real pain in the ass. Overall it just wasn’t a good gig. When you factor in the 3 hours of driving, the gas, the food you have to buy, the Govt. stealing 1/3rd from tax’s? Then what are you making?

But I think its fairly hard to get a gun thru, tho I could think of a few ways. Entry scanning is pretty good tho not on airport level. Its still pretty good but if anyone did actually have a gun and start shooting security would be left holding their cocks.

4 thoughts on “THEY WANT THIS STORY TO GO AWAY: The powers that be want to memory-hole the ‘Belly Gun’ incident at Sox Field”
  1. I have an idea. Let the White Sox move, to Nashville. Bye Felicia. As a former White Sox fan, growing up in Bridgeport walked to the park in the 70’s and 80’s I no longer care. Chicago can fall into the lake for all I care. If we are lucky California will fall in the ocean at the same time. Climate change dont ya know.

  2. Climate “change” is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on gullible American citizens to steal their hard earned funds and establish “control” over their lives. If it isn’t a sham/scam, why are all the “hard-core environ-mental-ists” living what they preach?
    The only “greene new deal” I support and acknowledge is Marjory Taylor Greene!

    TRUMP 2024!

  3. Wait until “security” has to start groping any and all obese people searching for weapons or other contraband, disgusting thought for either person, gropee or groper!

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