Police nabbed the double-murderer today.  Turns out he was an illegal alien murderer, running from the law in South America.  When his American girlfriend threatened to blow the whistle on him, he stabbed her thirty times.

Killing the Americans that Americans won’t kill.


From the Daily Caller:

Pennsylvania State Police announced Wednesday morning that they caught escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante, ending a 14-day manhunt.

Cavalcante was taken into custody by force shortly after 8:00 a.m., Sept. 13, after tactical teams closed in on his hiding place within a pile of logs behind a John Deere store in South Coventry Township, ABC 6 reported. Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens revealed in a press conference Wednesday that teams began to close in on Cavalcante shortly after midnight after a burglar alarm went off at a residence within the police perimeter.

Though police did not find Cavalcante when they responded to the residence, a heat signal was picked up by law enforcement aircraft nearby around 1:00 a.m. As tactical teams moved into position near the source of the heat signal, however, a weather system passed through the area, grounding the aircraft, Bivens explained in the press conference.

Not wanting to risk losing Cavalcante’s position without assistance from the aircraft, Bivens opted for tactical teams to wait for better weather conditions and visibility before moving in to capture the fugitive. At dawn, with better weather and lower temperatures to assist in locking in on Cavalcante’s heat signal, police resumed their efforts to capture the escaped murderer who was, according to Bivens, taken completely by surprise.

Cavalcante attempted to escape with the stolen firearm, crawling through thick underbrush, but State Police released a K-9 unit that ultimately subdued the fugitive, allowing officers to take him into custody, Bivens revealed.

More on this guy:

Cavalcante escaped from Chester County Prison in West Chester at approximately 8:45 a.m. on Aug. 31, one week after receiving a life sentence for the stabbing murder of his former girlfriend, Deborah Brandao. A former gang member wanted for murder in Brazil, Cavalcante was in the U.S. illegally when he brutally stabbed Brandao after she threatened to contact authorities when she learned about the charges against him in Brazil. (RELATED: Escaped Murderer’s Mother Speaks Out, Blames His Victims For Their Deaths)

Sure glad we have such a secure border than a man wanted for murder in Brazil just waltzed into our nation no problemo.

3 thoughts on “GOT HIM: Mr. Double-Murderer caught in PA”
  1. Bizarre that the Geneva conventions prohibit posing with prisoners of war like this and yet this is acceptable in modern State policing? I find it distasteful and unseemly.

    I would rather they open buck season in Chicago for us long gun owners and allow us to pose with our game kills. Tongue in cheek.

    I mean, if we’re going to hunt human game and pose for pictures with our captures. Then why not?T

    1. At least he wasn’t dead.
      Which might have been a better end to this story. He’s not gonna cure cancer. Probably the best thing he could do to make the world a better place is to feed some hungry hogs or sharks.

  2. The only thing missing from that photo is this dirtbag illegal p.o.s. is him hanging by his mouth from a hook in a tree. Why do we put up with this nonsense.

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