Nobody wants nuclear war with Russia, but it surely seems like some warmongers in both parties want just that.  Question the hopeless efforts by Ukraine to beat back the Russian military and they call you a “Russian propagandist.”  Oppose sending billions more in aid (both ca$h and military arms and materiel) and you’re a “Russian propagandist” or a “Putin stooge.”

And now, the “transgendered” spokesman of the Ukrainian military delivers a direct threat to hunt down “Russian propagandists” and deliver “justice” to them.

Tucker Carlson, watch out.

What could possibly go wrong with assassinating Americans who don’t support nuclear war with Russia?

Good luck on that, Bob.

3 thoughts on “Don’t support endless war in Ukraine? Ukraine will hunt you down and deliver ‘justice’”
  1. What a goddamn insane clown circus we’re watching in real time. Maybe this pre-op tranny should come over to my house to deliver some “justice.” I won’t rape him like that guy did in Australia, but I might give him an OC suppository. Or maybe I’d just skip right up to a flying ashtray .45 ACP JHP. Right in the face.

  2. The elites want the world to themselves. Bunker, transport, food, water, and medical supply and support are all in place. Population reduction going on in so many ‘diverse’ ways at this time. The United States and our armed citizens are the last bulwark. Europe is lost. Get it now? I defy the tracksuit, gold chain wearing, body odor Ukranian comic to come here and deliver justice to me!

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