We love to celebrate when innocent people are able to resist violent and potentially deadly attacks by bad guys and gals.  We know some people don’t celebrate good triumphing over evil.  That’s okay.  There’s all sorts of viewpoints.  Today we share a story of a woman who previously dated an abusive partner.  That partner tried to strangle her.  When he came at her a second time, she shot him.

Now, Mr. Strangle-happy isn’t doing well.  In fact, Nashville’s homicide unit has taken the case.

Here’s the story via WTVF:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Nashville police said a woman shot her ex-boyfriend Wednesday in Old Hickory after she told authorities she shot him in self-defense after he strangled her.

Metro Nashville Police Department said the woman — who hasn’t been criminally charged — called 911 to report the shooting. The man sustained a gunshot wound to the head and is being treated at Skyline Medical Center.

The woman said she and her ex-boyfriend started arguing Tuesday night, when the man strangled her more than one time and threatened to kill her. He then refused to let her leave and charged at her again, police said. It was then authorities said she fired at him with a pistol that she grabbed from her purse.

Due to the critical nature of the man’s wound, the Homicide Unit is now leading the investigation with assistance from the Domestic Violence Division. The completed investigation will be staffed with the District Attorney’s Office.

When someone threatens to kill you, that’s what the folks at the FBI Academy call “a clue.”



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