CWB Chicago reports on the crime across Chicago.  They picked up some vide of a 61-year-old rideshare driver attacked by three young ladies in the Chinatown neighborhood.  They beat him, robbed him and for the cherry on top, they carjacked him.

Welcome to Chicago, folks.

CHICAGO — Three women, one armed with a pipe, attacked and carjacked a 61-year-old man in Chinatown on Tuesday evening. And it was all caught on video.

Thanks to the three women, the victim will be out of work for a while. It’s not easy to be a rideshare driver after people steal your ride…

Once he falls to the ground, the feeding frenzy begins, with the women taking the man’s property as he lies on his back beneath them. The one with the pipe gives him a swift kick before they run toward his car with the keys.

He manages to get up before the women drive away with his car. The pipe woman gets back out to chase him around the car again.

Then he stands in front of the vehicle, hoping they’ll have a change of heart or, at least, not drive away while a human being is standing in their path.

That didn’t work. The video shows the car pulling into the street and driving away with the victim clinging to the hood. He falls off as the vehicle moves out of camera range.

Thank heavens that man didn’t have a gun.  He might have shot one or more of the felons, causing them serious injury.

Ain’t gun control great?

3 thoughts on “WELCOME TO CHICAGO: 61-year-old man beaten, carjacked by three young women [VIDEO]”
  1. This sixty-something would have no reservations about putting a double tap into the chest of anyone trying to hit me with a club. I don’t care if she looked like Taylor Swift or Mr. Ed.

    At the same time I avoid that Chicago shithole like the plague.

  2. The usual suspects again. I understand the man is 61, we must all learn there is no problem punching women like this in the snot locker. ‘Those’ people believe their status as women, loudmouthed usual suspects, protect them. Nothing better than a good elbow to the side of the head to disabuse them of that notion.

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