Last Friday, New Mexico’s Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham decided she was going to declare a “public health emergency” and suspend the 2nd Amendment in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.

Yes, you read that right:  she brazenly proclaimed that the 2nd Amendment was suspended.

Well, between the lawsuits getting filed and talk of impeachment, the little people of New Mexico showed up Sunday at high noon in Albuquerque carrying guns, both open and concealed.  They dared the Governor or her State Police – or anyone else – to take their guns away.

And guess who didn’t show up?

While law enforcement was present, they were there supporting the rally, not to make arrests or issue fines for ignoring the petty tyrant guv’s edict.

Incredibly, the rally organizers even allowed someone supporting gun control to speak out against the governor’s unlawful edict.

Congressman Thomas Massie summed it up nicely:

4 thoughts on “Sunday’s Albuquerque NM gun rights rally a big success”
  1. Notice how we can sit here across the country and call the New Mexico State Police “her police” and the GOA court filing even referred to them as “stormtroopers.” Yet if you do that same thing here in IL about the ISP the “blue lives matter” cult religion kicks in and gets offended and needs a box of tissues because their feelings were hurt. It’s almost like there’s a failure to recognize one’s own bad breath yet from anyone else it’s obvious.

  2. Just imagine the day when the greater 2A community comes to terms with the fact that the GOP has been stringing us along all of these years but when the rubber meets the road they support the ones ARRESTING you, over you. That is called a grift! We must all take lessons from New Mexico that eliminating qualified immunity is a good way to cut gun control off at its knees. So one must ask yourselves if your constitutional rights are more important to you than your allegiance to “back the blue” which if you’re on the right side of the aisle you are supposed to think because that’s what the conformity is. Now is the time for serious self-reflection in Illinois. If that gun ban sticks around until January when the registry is active there WILL BE stories circulating of ISP troopers rounding up people and imposing felonies on them while the state GOP continues to praise the “men and women protecting us” or some BS. I hope this article is one of many showing that when police have qualified immunity it only HARMS the public. It’s on display for everyone to see right now and top 2A groups need to get on the side of the constitution and THE PEOPLE.

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