Check out these two young lady scholars in Peoria.  Peoria’s SWAT woke them up bright and early Thursday morning, wrecking their beauty sleep.  And what did the police find?  Well, aside from drugs they had at least one loaded rifle and who knows how many more guns.  As felons engaged in working as aspiring street pharmacists.

From WMBD:

Both Sidney Bell-Young, 32, and Yadonyce McDonald, 36, were arrested on charges of Armed Violence, Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Possession of a Weapon by a Felon, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Distribution of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of a Firearm Without a Valid FOID Card.

Even with all those charges and a felon with an illegally acquired gun (was it stolen too?), they were issued a notice to appear for a later court date.

In other words, they would have been released back out onto the streets.  Except they had other warrants.

Not to worry though.  They’ll likely be released on September 18th with the No Cash Bail so-called SAFE-T Act kicks in after the Illinois Supreme Court ruled it constitutional.  9/18 is when half or more of those currently held on pre-trial detention and who can’t make bail will be released into their communities.

We can’t wait.

Over in nearby Champaign County, the state’s attorney there told the local newspaper, “We’ll be ready.”

Most of us at Guns Save Life will be ready as well.

Folks, you’re on your own after September 18th.

5 thoughts on “NO CASH BAIL PREVIEW, CENTRAL IL STYLE: SWAT raid, multiple felony charges, ‘notice to appear’ issued”
  1. Christ. But if a FOID holder had that gun, I suspect that would be a life-altering arrest and prosecution. Then again who said, “after the first felony, the rest are free?” Or something like that. Ormaybe that happens in bigger cities. Hell I don’t know. Things are so fucked up in this state.

  2. If Obama had a daughter.
    And $2.50 for a newspaper? No wonder circulation is non-existent. I see them at Dollar Tree for a $1.25 though. I still wouldn’t use it to wipe my ass though.

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