He’s killed at least two people in as many nations.  And he bid his girlfriend adieu by stabbing her 30 times.  Danelo Calacante remains a menace to society and reports now say the escapee has a scoped .22 rifle and a fresh set of work boots in his run from the law in rural Pennsylvania.

Late last night, reports say that a homeowner got at least seven shots off against the punk.  Yes, an armed American almost took down this scumbag.

From the Philadelphia Enquirer:

Danelo Cavalcante armed after break-in, came within feet of homeowner; police find escaped convict’s shoes


13 days on the lamb?  Impressive.  But now that everyone knows he’s armed?  It’s now “shoot on sight.”  Heck, even the Pennsylvania State Police have authorized shooting him on sight unless he’s “actively surrendering.”

This has become such a fiasco that amateur sleuths are coming in to engage in a little fugitive hunting of their own.

2 thoughts on “WANTED: DEAD. Armed American takes shots at escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante in PA”
  1. Now that he’s armed the cops have a shoot on sight order and a $25,000 reward for his “capture”. I don’t blame the locals from trying to catch him and a shooting would be justifiable.

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