This is scary stuff.  Bet you didn’t know this…  They’re all reading from the same script in decrying “misinformation” and trying to gaslight you into thinking the propaganda they read every day and night is the truth.  This isn’t just “Fox” local new stations.  These are CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and who knows what other local news outlets.  They speak with literally the same voice.

Just believe the fake news narratives like COVID (wear your masks and get your jabs!), January 6th (insurrection!!!!), “the border is secure” (nobody’s made it more secure!) and last, but most relevant to us the so-called “gun violence” issue (which, more often that not is GANG VIOLENCE).

I’ve long contended that mainstream media peeps are nothing more than hard-left activists with bylines.  Maybe it’s even worse than that.

5 thoughts on “CAN YOU SPELL ‘PROPAGANDA’? Don’t listen to ‘talking heads.’ Shun them instead.”
  1. This is extremely dangerous to our federal constitutional republic. Hollow, soulless zombies standing there reading a script. They have no personality and no emotion, like the Stepford wives or invasion of the body snatchers. They learn to lie to you with a straight face or they get replaced. True journalism is 99% dead.

  2. True journalism ? Got news for ya’, the press has been lying since the printing press was invented. 99% ? is that 1% Fake Fox ?

  3. This Media/Government nonsense is so Bad even the Brits understand it. The only difference is the Brits can, for now, expose the corruption. This is an interesting commentary from Neil Oliver. (worth listening too. He exposes the US federal reserve at around the 5 minute mark.
    Whatever our puppet government say is to distract us from the threat to our freedom | Neil Oliver

    1. I like Neil Oliver. Sometimes he takes too darn long to get to the point, but he’s pretty good.

  4. No, they are not talking heads, but talking rectums. No one wants to hear what comes out of one.

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