The wanted small town murder suspect from Kenney, IL didn’t make it back home to Mexico after all.  In fact, Jose De Jesus Gomez Munoz (pictured above) didn’t even really make it out of DeWitt County.  Maybe he was running low on gas.

So instead of facing justice, he suck-started his illegally-possessed firearm, successfully completing the “room temperature challenge.”

No doubt the rest of the family breathed a giant sigh of relief when authorities notified them that “Jesus” wouldn’t be coming back for them.  Not in this life at least.  From government-funded media outlet WGLT:

The alleged gunman in a Labor Day weekend shooting in DeWitt County that killed one person and critically injured another has apparently killed himself, authorities said Tuesday.

A manhunt was underway for Jose De Jesus Gomez Munoz, who was wanted in connection with the Sunday shootings near Kenney. That’s a small town about 30 miles south of Bloomington-Normal.

Munoz was found dead late Monday in the driver’s seat of a car, parked near a wind tower in Macon County just south of the DeWitt-Macon county line, authorities said. The car was spotted by someone who alerted authorities around 9 p.m. Monday.

Authorities say Munoz opened fire on his relatives around 3:30 p.m. Sunday at 635 Kenney Road. Killed in the shooting was John Wesley “Wes” Anderson, 78, of rural Kenney. He was Munoz’s father-in-law.

Also injured in the shooting was Munoz’s son, Kigan Antonio Munoz, of Clinton. Police said he was shot multiple times and was listed in critical condition at Carle Hospital in Urbana.

Police found four other people in the home hiding from the gunman, and responding officers brought them out safely following the incident.

No doubt those who wish to disarm us will chalk up the killer’s self-termination as another “victim” of so-called “gun violence.”