Happy Labor Day.  Bad news from Gun Owners of America:

We hate to say we told you so, but it’s official. The Justice Department announced a new rule to amend ATF regulations and expand the definition of a firearms dealer to include those who sell even a single firearm. 

While earlier versions of the rule leaked to the public via the Biden administration’s allies in the corporate media hinted at a target of about five firearms sold without a license before requiring an individual to register as an FFL, the published rule seems more restrictive. Those who have sold or even “offer to engage” in a single transaction could be prosecuted for unlicensed activities.

That’s not all. The rule is also full of unclear language that gives ATF wiggle room to prosecute gun owners as they please. Examples of actions that ATF could use to define activity as operating as an unlicensed dealer are listed, but ATF notes that the list of examples is not exhaustive. This creates a system where gun owners must prove they are not dealers to be able to sell a firearm legally.

We can’t stress this enough: this ATF Rule is a direct result of Republicanbacked gun control. Specifically, it’s called the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, or the Cornyn-Murphy compromise. GOA and our grassroots membership warned Sen. Cornyn and his colleagues that the act could be used in this exact manner; unfortunately, our warnings fell on deaf ears, and the gun control bill became law last year.

And, of course, the rule itself isn’t about safety. It’s about building the ATF’s illegal firearm registry. With a massive digital registry of out-of-business records that GOA has covered in-depth, this rule only expands on who is subject to information collection on their firearms purchases.

Consider that on top of this new rule, Biden’s ATF has adopted a “Zero Tolerance” policy for Federal Firearms Licensees. Under this policy, gun stores can be shut down for even a single minor mistake on paperwork.

Gun Owners of America stands ready to oppose this new ATF rule by any means necessary.

7 thoughts on “EVEN ONE FIREARM SALE: New Biden rule says selling even single firearm for profit requires FFL license”
  1. A private sale between two people- no one will know other than those two people. If there are new laws limiting this sale, back date a bill of sale to before the law took place and after the gun was originally purchased.

  2. “We can’t stress this enough: this ATF Rule is a direct result of Republican–backed gun control. Specifically, it’s called the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, or the Cornyn-Murphy compromise.”

    Thank you article for pointing out that this comes to us complements of the REPUBLICANS. Does anyone else see the pattern here? This is a federal law so that means national Republicans in addition to state ones are against us. Just wait until January when the Illinois gun ban registry kicks in and people get rounded up and made an example of. IL Republicans are in lockstep on the Uniparty bill HB2722. If the ISP wants to hunt you down it’s going to take money. YOUR MONEY and the GOP is right there ready to give it to them because they “back the blue” not you. Can we stop pretending the Republican Party is pro-2A?
    They can say they’ll protect our rights all they want during election season but their votes on the job tell the real story. We have the silver lining in Illinois where a gun owner can vote Republican, Democrat, Independent, third party or not vote at all and still get the same result: Democrat control of the legislature. So why would we reward Republicans for taking gun owners for granted and throwing us under the bus in Springfield? We have nothing to lose but the Republican Party should lose – votes and support!

    1. Just what is it the Republicans in Illannoy are supposed to do when they are in the super minority?

    2. The establishment Rs in IL aren’t much better than Dems. In fact, I’d take a 1980s Dem over a present day RINO R. At least Dems back then by and large still loved America.

  3. Hi Gipper, the Republicans aren’t going to do much of anything but remain in the super-minority. If you listened to them a few weeks ago at the state fair they said their strategy to win back relevance is to go into the burbs and talk about “extremes” of abortion. I’m not advocating for or against abortion because I’m so sick of hearing about it it’s to the point of STFU! But on that note, the Republicans are already making the Democrat ads for them by talking about when they should ban it. Is it 15 weeks? How about 16 weeks? Or 16 weeks and 5 hours. Or even 7 months. Anyone who’s ever talked to an abortion activist knows immediately that it’s not about the duration. It’s about who makes that decision. It’s a binary choice. Either the person who’s pregnant does or the government does. There’s no such thing as reasonable restrictions or trimesters or any other thing the Republicans are infighting about. TO them my body my choice is what it says and means what it means end of discussion! The Republicans are already maintaining Democrat control of the state legislature for 2024. If they add that marriage is only a man/woman to their 2024 platform or that pray away the gay scam then they can forget about entire younger generations even giving them the time of day. But it’s all just as well. Their vote on HB2722 pulled the curtain back on what they really do when they are in Springfield. They are gun control enabling Pritzker’s Brownshirt Storm Trooper backers. We don’t need that. The Illinois Republican Party is like a used car dealership on the busy street through a bigger town near you that sells cars with square wheels and to this day they still can’t figure out why people go elsewhere. THEN they have the genius plan of going into the burbs where they need to rack up the numbers and alienate people that care about abortion rights. Imagine going into an electronics store asking to buy a 25 inch black and white tv then when they get laughed out of town they think they were rejected because the screen size was too big. This is what we’re dealing with.

  4. My body my choice. Except they wanted us to all get jabbed with China Flu shots or we couldn’t go places. F them. As for abortion, it’s wrong, but I’d rather they aborted their babies than raise more left-wing nutjobs. It’s kind of like parents who convince their kids they’re transwhatever. When they go out and get surgery or sterilize themselves with hormones, that’s kind of like Darwin taking them out of the gene pool. Stupid SHOULD hurt.

  5. Ahhhhhhh… what does this Federal Rule, promulgated by a Federal Executive Branch agency overstepping its constitutional authority have anything to do with Republicans in the State of Illinois? Keep an eye on Loper Bright Industries vs Ramundo in the USSC this fall. By June of next year, latest, the executive agencies time for honoring themselves will be at an end.

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