Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx keeps the revolving door well-lubricated when it comes to the criminal “justice” system.  In fact she’s bringing in bearing grease by the case.  We would like to share a couple of examples for your amusement.  SPOILER:  You’re on your own on the dangerous streets of Chicago.

Of course, CWB covered it:

Man charged with 5 North Side robberies was supposed to be on electronic monitoring for Class X felony gun case: court records

CHICAGO — The man Chicago police say committed five armed robberies in two days in West Ridge was supposed to be on electronic monitoring for a Class X felony gun charge, according to court records. A judge issued an escape warrant for Safaeldin Daheya, 22, when he failed to appear in court last week.

Now, he’s accused of robbing five men during two nighttime waves on Tuesday and Wednesday.

How many more has he pulled off without getting caught?

And then there’s the catalytic converter thieves who run around with their saws and hack off cats while their compatriots stand guard, heavily armed to dissuade any of the sheep from objecting to their brazen thefts.

CWB covered the disposition of a case that made news a year ago when the Cook County State’s Attorney made a big deal of throwing the book at one of the more prolific cat thieves.

Catalytic converter thief pleads guilty, gets probation
CHICAGO — When Cook County prosecutors finally filed a felony charge against a man accused of catalytic converter theft one year ago, it was pretty exciting stuff. In Chicago, the thieves typically catch nothing more than a misdemeanor charge. Even those are usually thrown out or settled with minimal consequences.

But one year ago, on August 25, 2022, Diamonte Saterfield became the first person we’ve found to be charged with a serious felony. Prosecutors hit him receiving or possessing a stolen motor vehicle under a section of state law that makes stealing an “essential part” of a car equal to stealing the entire vehicle.

His case wrapped up this month when he pleaded guilty to the charge. His sentence from Judge Domenica Stephenson? Probation, 40 hours of community service, and two days in jail, which he already served.

You’re on your own, folks.

And Governor Pritzker has seriously diminished your ability to defend yourself with the most effective and most popular firearms for self-defense thanks to the so-called Protect Illinois Communities Act gun and magazine ban.

7 thoughts on “FOXX KEEPS THE REVOLVING DOOR OF ‘JUSTICE’ WELL-LUBED: Chicago man accused of 5 armed robberies was out on bail on Class X gun case PLUS one more…”
  1. Yep, We’re being set up to be victims. Even more so if you live in the liberal filth run garbage can of Chicago / Cook county. The cops can arrest all they want but the scum just walks out the door thanks to “progressive” values in our criminal justice system. Soon we’ll have not only the criminals to worry about but possibly the ISP if they decide to go Gestapo.

    1. Bill, we still have “pro-2A” people on here, people running for office, and that one political party that says they support your 2A rights then go undermine your rights when they get to Springfield who continue apologizing for the state police. I don’t know if it’s battered wife syndrome, Stockholm Syndrome or just the general “back the blue” cult-style religious behavior. I don’t understand why in the 2A community it’s OK to say you want abolish the ATF but then some of the same people who are fine with that get personally offended to the point of a tirade when you say the same about the ISP. Why is it that one politically armed bunch of ground troops is protected by political expectations but the other is not so much when BOTH of them are out to cause the same kind of material harm on you and violate your rights? You can buy shirts and pillows about the ATF murdering dogs but why none for the state police? Is the dog less dead if an Illinois State Police Brownshirt shoots it? Anyway, this back the blue thing has to be broken down and called out including the sheeple that blindly promote it. People giving this undo blind support to police are HARMING our movement for greater Constitutional rights and must be publicly embarrassed for it! Ironically enough the people who will suffer the most from the new gun ban are the same people licking the boots of the armed state agents who will cause the suffering just to keep their paycheck. People get the government they deserve!

    2. Bill, it’s funny listening to all of these Republicans, journalists and other people who think they’re pro-2A call the IL Supreme Court a kangaroo court, it’s Pritzker’s fault, it’s the super-Democrat legislature’s fault, it’s Chicago’s fault, it’s gun control activists fault, on and on about this “assault weapon” law yet they turn around and support the Illinois State Police who per the letter of the law is the agency who will round up political prisoners otherwise known as legitimate gun owners and ruin their lives with felonies. SO the next step for these apologists is to blame the ISP leadership not the troops on the streets. Guess what though, ISP leadership, Pritzker the IL Supreme Court isn’t the ones handcuffing people. Those beloved troops on the streets ARE yet they are the ones getting a free pass on the blame. Tell me how that even remotely makes any sense?!?!?!! Don’t go by what these “pro-gun” Republicans say. Instead look at other bills and the roll call votes because that is the one and only thing that matters out of an elected official. I don’t care who they blame because it’s always going to be someone else’s fault or what they pretend to support during election season when they want your vote. Look at HB2722 that gives more money to the ISP. This is an agency that if the letters would change to ATF many of the apologists would be fine with abolishing if not cheer for it. YET, we are doing the backward and counterproductive thing and further empowering the state police. If the GOP gave half a crap about the 2A as they do abortion we wouldn’t have such a large swath of gun control enablers among so-called allies. If this gun ban is wrong, then it is wrong and who enforces it is wrong. Right now we have elected officials talking out both sides of their mouths. They say the oppose the gun ban then support money to enforce it. Make sense? In fact it does. They are grifters when it comes to the 2A. The pro-lifers recently voted against a law so that Illinois won’t share license plate data to other states with abortion bans when their residents come here for an abortion. So while that law wasn’t directly abortion, it’s connected to it. IF they sat around thinking about how to protect the 2A they would have been a NO vote on HB2722 but instead they support it 100%. The GOP can claim to be for the 2nd Amendment all they want but when the rubber meets the road and constituents need help the most they’ll support the system over you, hence the well-deserved label of UNIPARTY.

  2. 40 hours of community service, during which he’ll probably spend the time stealing more converters.

  3. Pritzger has his sights set for higher office as early as 2028, his goal is to totally disarm ALL Illinois gun owners before that time and I mean not just semi-automatic weapons. The death by a thousand cuts will be rapidly accelerated in the next few years as Pritzger (who is not a patient man) wants results now….He now has all the tools he needs to pull it off.
    #1….Signs into law the release of all persons held in all of Illinois 102 county jails except the ones he wants held as political prisoners and some held for murder charges… cash for bail.
    #2…..Signs into law the hiring of illegal immigrants and other aliens as police officers(first in the nation).
    #3……He already has a defacto gun registry……FOID card holders and Concealed carry license holders.
    The next thing he needs is to do is to petition the Federal government for an increase in funding to hire hundreds of thousands of additional Illinois State police officers(he’s going to need them). Pass more laws to release ALL persons serving time in Illinois county jails, early release for thousands of convicts already serving time in the Illinois state prison system…..all of this to raise money for his GESTAPO police force that will reign terror on law abiding Illinois gun owners.
    Sounds like a dystopian nightmare or the ramblings of some old conspiracy theorist, perhaps, but all the pieces are coming into play…..stay safe out there and as always…..keep your powder dry……SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLEM.

    1. You’re making some good points. How much longer is the GOP going to support the ISP? They may say they don’t agree with ISP leadership but that’s about it as they TOTALLY support the troopers on the streets. Guess what? THOSE ARE THE ONES who will take political hostages otherwise known as gun owners to jail. It’s funny to hear these “pro-2A” lawmakers blame the governor, the IL Supreme Court and maybe ISP leadership occasionally for this gun ban but NONE of those are going to arrest people. The troopers on patrol are and they are the ones with absolute GOP support. Sounds a bit backwards to me! They also say they’re against non-citizens becoming police officers but I have yet to hear any of them say that “back the blue” doesn’t include non-citizens arresting CITIZENS. They’re all in favor of the Illinois State Police. We know that much, you know, the agency that’s out to ruin YOUR life. Senator Plummer even went on Bishop on Air last month and said he is sympathetic to the state police. I just about crapped my pants. He’s supposed to be one of the top pro-2A senators and right on the heals of this gun ban passing he’s worried about the F’ing ISP? I hope every gun owner that voted for him immediately refuses to support him anymore. His “back the blue” religion is now a kick in the teeth to his constituents that sent him there in good faith. I hope no one makes that mistake again!

  4. You would think that these governors would be upset with the loss of one of their executive powers. The power to pardon an individual. Right know, Kim Foxx and others are essentially giving felony pardons every single day by refusing to charge people.

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