At Guns Save Life, we help you defend yourself.  Part of that is helping you defend yourself against personal and financial setbacks.  We recently came across a tidbit that we’re sharing with our members because we think it’s a valuable datapoint.

How is it that people who go to Congress to serve the people end up become very wealthy.  Look no further than Joe Biden.  Or Barack Obama.  Or Nancy Pelosi.  Or Dick Durbin.  Now, it isn’t just Dems that go and get rich.  Look at Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney.  Or Dick Cheney.  Or the Bush family.  You get the idea.

Us “little people” have investment advice thrown at us from a myriad of directions.

These include stupid ads pandering to people who don’t know any better.  “Buy gold and silver now!  They’re going to the moon!”  Of course the ads don’t mention that when you sell physical gold and silver you have to pay income taxes on what you sell (whoops) meaning that if you’re not making at least 20-25%, you’re underwater on that investment.

Gold:  Buy high now (so we can get our commissions) and sell low (because you  became the bag-holder).

ZeroHedge story captured this morning…

Then there’s crypto!  At least there nobody buy raving lunatics are saying that Bitcoin is gonna be at $100,000 anytime soon.  While I did five-figures well (I’ve got the tax paperwork to show for it) in 2021, I’m so far underwater right now that it’s not even funny.  I’m not sure it will ever come back and mentally I’ve just written off the entire investment.

And you can’t shake a stick at YouTube without getting hit with all sorts of “I’ll show you how to get rich quick” schemes.

But I bring you one that doesn’t cost you a penny.  And while everyone’s got an opinion on investing, some opinions are more well-informed than others.  Specifically, the people who regulate financial institutions in Congress.

From AreaOcho:

Congressional finance committee members are shorting the stock market. They are buying PSQ, HDGE, and SH. All are funds that short major indices in the market. This indicates that Congressional Financial Committee members are anticipating an economic downturn.

Why? What do they know?

Do what they do, not what they say.

You can follow Nick Colas, effectively a salesman nobody from a nobody company, or you can do what the people who have tons of insider information do with their own money.  The choice is yours to make.

2 thoughts on “DO AS THEY DO: Solid investment advice from Congressional insiders”
  1. Good point! But I’ll be honest: we moved the last of our market stuff out when Biden stole the election. We knew investments were going to tank before dipshit took office. We’re old and can’t afford risks like Biden.

  2. All investment accounts suspended for length of term (no trading allowed), NO pension, NO healthcare after your term is up, use VA hospitals and doctors in-term, ALL $$ in ‘campaign funds’ only spent on radio, tv, internet, billboard ads (better have receipts class x felony for each misuse), any un-spent campaign dollars into the general treasury after each election cycle, no gifts of ANY value (even John Wick’s pencil class X felony for each violation), no taxpayer funded ‘junkets’ (stay here and work like normal Americans), two terms as a Senator not consecutive, 3 terms as a Representative only two being consecutive. Then go home and shut the f up.

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