Kelvin Coburn, a GSL member and part-time emcee of our Sangamon County Guns Save Life chapter, has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for State Rep. in the 95th District near Springfield.  Coburn stands out as a hard-core conservative unafraid to articulate a strong message.  He’s most certainly not from the establishment class.  No doubt they’ll do their best to torpedo his candidacy.  But Coburn’s got guts.  A guts is what it takes for great people to take America back.

Here’s a story from The Illinois Republican.

Kelvin Coburn Announces His Run For State Representative District 95

by Val Ojeda

I was first approached about this candidate Kelvin Coburn, by John Anthony from the radio show “Black and Right” He told me “Val, meet this guy, he’s another me” So, I heard John out and found Kelvin to be more interesting than what John was selling to me. Kelvin is an auditor by trade and a successful businessman. He is employed by the State of Illinois and understands government.

What’s truly amazing is that he is a Black Conservative Republican. Not only that, he’s Grassroots. Of the people and by the people.

He decided to run challenging another Republican in the 2024 GOP primary because he feels he is a better fit for the district because he chooses to be a public servant versus a politician. He feels that the people of the district are looking for a leader, and he fits the mold that they are seeking for genuine change.

Furthermore, he is facing a freshman Representative, Mike Coffey in the 95 Illinois House District that was recently appointed to fill Representative Tim Butlers seat after he resigned from the Illinois House.

There’s a lot more at TIR story, so click on through.

Federal tax law prohibits Guns Save Life from endorsing candidates or political parties.  We can, however, educate members of the community on candidates’ stands on the gun rights issue.

Kelvin and his wife Adriena with Tom DeVore at the Illinois State Fair.

We don’t know much about Mr. Coffey.  We do know that he’s been in office for almost twenty months and I’m not sure he’s ever made an appearance at our huge Sangamon County chapter meeting at Scheels in Springfield.  Maybe he’s a little squeamish on guns?  Maybe he takes gun owner support for granted?  Who knows.  But we know his challenger well.  And so do our members.

Kelvin’s a great guy who won’t shy away from the gun rights issue.  He hasn’t until now and we don’t expect him to go soft after drinking the water in Springfield.  After all, he’s been working there for a couple of decades.

16 thoughts on “Another GSL member running for State Representative: Kelvin Coburn in 95th”
  1. Is Mr. Coburn (unafraid) enough to call the Illinois State Police what they are, an anti-2A activist organization? If so, the next step is will he prioritize THE PEOPLE over the government agency? If so, he would be the first Republican to do so. The rest of them are so afraid of being called anti-cop or just Uniparty soldiers for the system they’ll favor the ISP over their constituents and it’s a problem because they’ll campaign on protecting your rights then turn right around and vote to eliminate them with other unrelated bills. People in the 2A community aren’t so afraid to call for the ATF to be defunded and/or abolished for being an activist agency against us but somehow the “back the blue” religion kicks in for the ISP. Does he understand the process? When the General Assembly passes a bill and it becomes law, they are out of the picture. The law then goes into the hands of a state agency. The “assault weapon” law is enforced by the ISP. So how would be vote on HB2722 to further EMPOWER this agency to hunt down and ruin the lives of his constituents. The answer to that will tell you if he’s for the people or just another grifter like every single one of them we have currently. Either they don’t pay enough attention to how the process works or hope you don’t notice. THE VOTERS HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!

    1. 1. Do you have evidence that the Illinois State Police is anti-2A activist organization?
      2. Who are the rest of them, that are so afraid of being called anti-cop or Unipart soldiers for the system they’ll favor the ISP over their constituents ?
      3.When the General Assembly passes a bill and it becomes law, they are out of the picture. This is why Republican stop voting and only 20% show up to polls. Doom and Gloom with no answers. Ted I dont know you so I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you are just frustrated. I get it. Here is what you need to know about me and the grassroots people I hang out with and represent. We are never out of the picture. I am not a Politian, I am a frustrated conservative that is stepping up to fight for our freedom and constitutional rights. So are you going to get in or sit on the side line and try to scare everyone ?

  2. Kelvin has my vote.. I don’t live in his district but when has that ever interfered with an Illinois vote?

  3. I’m not a regular in Springfield but I’ve seen him. He’s fighting the good fight. As to Ted above: Kelvin’s pro-police… the good police. He’s no fan of bad cops. I’ll add from my experience, there’s a big difference between the leadership of ISP and the troopers working the roads.

    1. A difference between the leadership and the troopers working the roads? Are you saying the ones on the roads aren’t going to check the magazine capacity in your CCW pistol or anything else in the car and charge you with a felony? OR check the registration on other firearms in the vehicle? Can we rest assured that they’ll put your interests as an AMERICAN free citizen over themselves “just following orders?” Will they value your rights over their paycheck? If you’re willing to swim in the ocean with a shark circling the beach area assuming it won’t bite your legs off then YOU CAN HAVE IT. This is the major problem the GOP and political right in general, not the self-respecting, ones have. They AUTOMATICALLY lick the boots of cops and surrender their own interests as a free citizen who should expect their rights are secured under the Constitution. It’s called Stockholm Syndrome and it gives rise to a tyrannical government. You can complain about bad laws all you want but when you then turn right around and butt kiss the troopers enforcing that law against YOU then you’re just an enabler. The troopers on the road CHOSE to take a career with an activist agency. Those of us that had our eyes and ears open during covid learned that the whole “it’s someone else’s fault” was the rule of the day. Gullible people always gave a pass to the immediate person in front of them demanding a vaccine passport or to suffocate yourself with a face diaper. “Oh they’re just doing their jobs, blah blah.” In the meantime it was YOU who suffered someone else’s “job” that in turn causes material harm to YOU. They say people get the government they deserve. It’s on full display.

  4. Ted, just a little more about Kelvin, he is a member of GSL, NRA, USCCA, Springfield Tactical Shooters as well as he’s a conceal carry instructor. Don’t think for one second he’s not Pro 2A, or that he’s not as frustrated as many like you are. The difference between you and him is he chose to rise up and do something about the infringement on our rights as a constitutional republic, while you choose to sit home and vent instead of seeking solutions to the issues you are so passionate about. I think you need to come to a GSL meeting and talk to him yourself.

  5. Well here’s just one example of how the ISP is asking the legislature for more money to screw you over:

    That took all of less than a minute to find. I won’t waste additional time on you people with Stockholm Syndrome who apologize for the agency screwing your over. Generally speaking the left has “trust the science” and the right has “back the blue.” If you apologize for the ISP then you’re just like that person wearing a mask alone in the car suffocating yourself for the cause.

    If you don’t get what I’m saying then you view the world through the lens of being controlled and apparently liking it.

    You don’t know me or what I do locally activism-wise to help secure rights unlike the state republicans who throw gun owners under the bus. So if “ranting” is the response for prioritizing US Citizens rights over the agency violating those rights I’ll take that all day long with a badge of honor and then you can just go boot lick all you want like any other good little thin blue line cult member while the cops turn around and call you a subject. Enjoy your servitude. THE JOKE IS ON YOU!

  6. Ted is talking substance and bringing receipts while Kelvin is just name calling because he has to toe the party line talking points or he’ll get defeated in the primary. Everyone meet the candidate for the 95th District: Uniparty Kelvin Coburn!

    1. Ted is upset with the ISP a state agency. Easy fellow you dont know me. I dont toe lines I step on toes. I am at peace with Ted and his passion and research is on the same side of the fight. As for you, here are some current fights and cases going on
      Current Litigations The Illinois State Rifle Association Is Tracking :
      Harrel v. Raoul (AWB/LCM case)
      Culp v. Raoul
      BFF Firearms, et al, v. Raoul
      Ryan Thomas, Goran Lazic, ISRA, SAF v. Illinois State Police
      Michael White, ISRA v. Illinois State Police
      Miller, ISRA, Saf v. Raoul
      Easterday, ISRA, SAF v. Village of Deerfield
      Wilson, et al, v. Cook County et al
      Brown adv. State of Illinois
      Evans v. Illinois State Police and Cook County State’s Attorney
      Ezell v. Chicago – Chicago Ranges / Firearm Training – SAF, ISRA
      DC v. Heller – Court of Appeals Ruling
      Bradley v. Kelly
      This does not include the federal cases
      Now instead of trying to instigate, how about we all move in the same direction. Bye the way , Yeah I am Kelvin Coburn coming for the 95th.

  7. By the way John and Ted are you guys members of any 2A groups or just Trolling. If you not members of anything , I would love to sign you guys up so you can get some better use of your time , support and point you passions at the right enemy.

    1. If supporting the gun owning people who are the victims of this new gun ban law over, as in THEY take priority OVER the ISP is considered trolling then you’ll fit in just fine with the GOP who protects the system instead of their constituents when their constituents need help the most. Individual troopers made their own personal decision to join that agency so the public shouldn’t be the ones that have to suffer. They as a party give blanket and blind support to the state troopers who are the ones that will hunt down and arrest and turn people into felons. The MAJOR point you and the Uniparty REFUSE to get or say publicly is that citizens should NOT bear the burden of sorting out which state trooper will ruin their lives and who will leave them alone. You give blanket support to the agency instead of blanket support to the people. That is backward.
      Representation of the people is supposed to be just that. Not use the people to get elected then support the system, hence the earned name of Uniparty. If you don’t understand that then this gig isn’t for you and certainly not for the residents of Illinois. This new gun ban has dragged the grifters out of the woodwork. The consistently backward and behind the times GOP is stuck in the pre-January 10th Era. The rest of us are forced into reality. Have a great day.

  8. Brother this is my last comment on this because maybe I’m not making my point clear to you . I’ll type this slow so maybe you can hear through your disrespectful fear and stupid allegations

    1 I am not in the uni-party nor do I support establishment republicans or any other name you want to call a person you have never met
    2. Federal law Trumps state law
    There are several cases on the state level challenging this gun ban and we are waiting for the US Supreme Court to strike this ban down
    3. We need citizen to join the grassroots movement to win seats so these unconstitutional laws can be overturned

    We must unite on the grassroots level
    Commit to term limits and continue to pick our representatives from our communities to represent our values

    A grifter can only take advantage of uninformed fools

    A community united picking their Representative in this constitutional republic will always win . It may take awhile but the people will win.

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