Well now, under the “What could possibly go wrong” category, a San Francisco chain of uber-woke bakeries has publicly announced they don’t allow anyone with a gun in their businesses.  Because gun violence, you know.  This is the fetid cesspit known as San Francisco.

But Reem’s owners surely are proud of their “uplifting social and racial justice in our communities.”

They continue:  “We believe that maintaining a strict policy of prohibiting guns in our restaurant keeps us safer.”

The owners have never heard of the expression, “Those who turn their swords into ploughshares will plough for those who don’t.”

Cops have made it clear to their fellow officers, their families and supporters about the ban.  Reem’s has made their position known to all.

And now criminals know that they will face no resistance if they come in and rape, rob or pillage Reem’s shops.

What could possibly go wrong?


Pretty sure that Reem’s has successfully chased off most of the decent people among their clientele.

You know what they say about going woke…

Hopefully none of their employees will suffer great bodily injury or death fulfilling the owners’ simple-minded beliefs.

7 thoughts on “SOMETIMES YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID: SF bakery chain ‘we believe that maintaining a strict policy of prohibiting guns… keeps us safer.’”
  1. I am sure that if they get robbed, the investigating officers will not bother to infringe on their crime sanctuary and not bother with trying to apprehend the perps. Karma. Hurts.

  2. Get woke, go broke. I wouldn’t patronize a place that turned away uniformed cops. Hell, I avoid any place with those damn no guns signs.

    1. On another note, we were in two different rest areas in Illannoy a couple weeks ago. They both had the no guns signage on the door, but it did not look to be the required dimensions that that law says it has to be. Does the state not even know what the law says?

  3. The may as well hang a ROB US sign in the window. No cops allowed and most likely a customer base of super woke pants wetters.

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