Welcome to Chicago.  Home of violent crime.  Where even young kids feel emboldened to brazenly commit armed robbery in broad daylight.  Here three kids, two couldn’t have been more than 10-years-old, rob a man of his fancy headphones, his bike and other valuables.

But we wouldn’t want to demonize these kids making silly decisions, right Mr. Mayor?


Good to see they’re starting them young. I believe the child in the black shirt is threatening to pull a gun out of his waistband. We could stop stuff like this if enough people download these videos and share them everywhere they can. Don’t get angry, get active.
by u/DuPageILLinois in CrimeInChicago

A second video suggests that a good Samaritan might have intervened to recover the bike, but who knows.


I found a slightly longer piece of footage of the grade-schoolers robbing a dude at (implied) gunpoint. Could have ended in tragedy if the guy on the bike was a concealed carrier. Credit to r/chiraqology for this recently posted video. Looks like a good Samaritan might have intervened
by u/DuPageILLinois in CrimeInChicago

2 thoughts on “WELCOME TO CHICAGO: Video of armed robbery in progress…”
  1. I did not see the firearm. Another person out of the frame? A person armed with a firearm in close proximity is a deadly threat. No hesitation, stop the threat.

  2. Needs more CCW holder and a judicious application of **** off, punk. Guess they didn’t want the soy milk he had in his backpack.

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