The guy who loves Fang Fang’s Salty Clam proposed on X yesterday for the government to buy the most popular defensive firearms in America from their current owners.  This includes America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15.

That’s quite a proposal, akin to the government buying every F-150 pickup truck in existence today.  Along with about every Chevrolet currently on the road.

He also wants to ban the manufacture and sale of said firearms, except to the government.

In his Chinese take-out loving mind, gun buybacks are a big success.

Doubt it?

You shouldn’t.  Just look at all the lives saved by Chicago’s past gun buybacks!

Oh wait.  My bad.

Sometimes I wonder if he speaks just as eloquently and logically from his other hole.


4 thoughts on “SWALLWELL WANTS TO BUY YOUR GUNS: ‘Buy them all back’”
  1. The people in Swallwell’s district re-elected him after it became public that he slept with a Chinese spy. So either his buddies cheated counting ballots or the people in his district are irredeemably bad.

    1. Possibly a combo of cheating and a population of voters who admire and want a communist regime to control everything ( like China ) so they look at his “Chinese connection” as a good thing. Lots of Illinois zombie voters want communism too !!!!

  2. Take note Illinois gun owners. Sometimes these gun controllers slip up and say the truth. The upcoming “assault weapon” registry is the voluntary self-submit to confiscation form. AND if they get enough suckers to fall for it be prepared to register your 40 year old single shot bold action 22 a year later. These are the people that want to ban toy guns. Never forget who you’re dealing with.

  3. Buy-back? In order for a buy back the Feral Grubberment would have had to sell or give the rifles to the owners. Perhaps Swallowswell is speaking of the Taliban?

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