The Illinois Newsroom [Editor: Government-funded media] has a story captioned: “Marchers protest killings of two black men in Rantoul”. The focus of the story is a July 29th protest condemning police for the recent shooting deaths of two black men.

This hissy fit was staged by the Urbana chapter of the communist Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), which advocates overthrowing, dismantling, and replacing the police, prisons, military, and courts. With that as background, you might imagine that facts are completely irrelevant to these nitwits.

In the case of Jordan Richardson, the incident was captured by both the officer’s body camera and nearby private security video. Richardson is shown armed and fleeing when Officer King arrived on the scene to aid another officer.

Richardson is seen disobeying repeated orders to drop his gun. The young scholar eventually turns and aims his stolen pistol at Officer King, who then shot him.

Both the State Police and the State’s Attorney found the shooting to be justified.

A police search of the car Richardson was riding in turned up 6 pounds of prepackaged pot for sale, $2,600 in cash, and two more illegal handguns. However, the Illinois “Newsroom” story intentionally omits any mention of the many things Richardson did to get himself shot in the first place. This story is simply an attempt to keep the phony racist cop narrative alive.

Media hyenas and PSL social justice thumb-suckers can learn a valuable life lesson from former New Orleans Saints’ head coach Bum Phillips. After viewing a film of the Atlanta Falcons handing his team its ass, Phillips said: “The film looks suspiciously like the game itself.” Officer King should be eternally grateful for his own body camera, as it will surely save his butt more often than his body armor.

Gary Hetherington
Springfield, Illinois

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