Anytime you hear a politician claiming that “gun violence” is the problem, you should realize right away they are deflecting from the real problem.  It’s not gun violence, it’s GANG VIOLENCE.

Take the young man at the top of this post.  His street name is “TShoota.”  Well, TShoota got Tshotta.  He didn’t make it.

Rip to THF Tshoota who was shot & killed a few hours ago
by u/Regular-Manager-6130 in Chiraqology

Here are a couple of shots from social media.

Look at the early-onset arthritis in that poor guy’s hands.

By they way, is that an AR pistol in your pants or are you just really excited to see the camera man?

Sights are over-rated.

And in another example of gang members and their guns, check this one out…

Need this from MBlock Die Y ASAP
by u/CommunicationKind754 in Chiraqology

Yeah, if we just put more money into the Chicago Public Schools, maybe we could educate these kids so they could have an opportunity to become successful, productive citizens.

And this… more black gang-on-gang violence…

Hood action on 23rd and Whipple in Little Village last night they tried to slide on the block and got caught lacking by their opps, three occupants were shot, all while getting whooped with a broom
by u/Sea-Vegetable7581 in Chiraqology

But let’s crack down on law-abiding gun owners instead of violent criminals.  Makes perfect sense, right?

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