We’re sharing our current issue of GunNews online a little earlier than normal, in part because our inaugural meeting of the new Quincy chapter opens up on Wednesday, August 30th.  If you live in Western Illinois and have never experienced a Guns Save Life event, c’mon out!

GSL’s Executive Director John Boch will be there and talk about the history of Guns Save Life, how we’ve grown from less than a dozen folks meeting in the basement of a restaurant in downtown Urbana to a nationally-known, grassroots gun rights juggernaut that not only communicates to the masses through our famous highway sign program, our monthly journal GunNews and our website.  We’re also involved in litigation to defend our gun rights.  We’re batting .750 in front of the Illinois Supreme Court with another case pending.  Not even Babe Ruth comes close to that!

We’ve also invited Mary Miller but we’re not sure of Congress’ schedule.  Other notables may also attend as well.  For more on how you can help, or speaker suggestions, contact Kristin Garrett at kristengarrett17@gmail.com.

Anyway, here is our September issue.  As I noted yesterday, it’s already made an impression on powerful folks in the entertainment industry.