Much to the relief of the chattering mainstream media’s whiny little man-children, Jason Aldeen’s “Try That in a Small Town” has been sort of eclipsed by “Rich Men from Richmond.”

Actually, they may not be relieved at all, but that’s their deal.

But it’s still a tune with a powerful message.

So I was on a Zoom call with a movie producer yesterday.  It’s a small-scale production company, not a Steven Spielberg kind of operation.  I had sent him a copy of the last issue of GunNews.  He said he spent some time reading it but his immediate takeaway was how in touch we were with pop culture.

We included this on our editorial page.

He said it was brilliant.

And if you’ve been too busy chasing excellence and missed “Rich Men from Richmond,” here’s your chance to check it out.  The production isn’t slick like Jason Aldean, but the message is far more powerful and moving.

33 Million views in 13 days.  It’s only going even more viral from the first few days…  Share with your friends.

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  1. Now I’m curious about what the movie producer’s project may be. Can you share anything?

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