Great news!  Seattle has ordered its police department not to have police officers handle mental “crisis” calls.  Oh, those woke-for-brains city fathers (and mothers) say that police can stage or wait nearby.  But the police won’t handle these calls.

What could possibly go wrong?

Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?



5 thoughts on “LET THE FUN BEGIN: Seattle no longer sending police to mental ‘crisis’ calls [VIDEOS]”
  1. Can’t wait to see the new bodycam videos of “social workers” getting slashed, shot and smacked around. That picture at the top says it all and made me laugh out loud.
    Mr. Menard is right. They’re gonna get what they voted for good and hard.

    1. There will NEVER be any video released that will go to prove our predictions to be correct. I take that back. If they can somehow use the video as propaganda against certain Caucasians, Republicans or any right leaning cause then yes, the video will be everywhere.

  2. Oh hell, I wish this was in place when I was working. If you have never had to wrestle with a sweaty naked person in excited delirium you are blessed! Nothing good happens after the dispatcher says see the complainant about the naked man. Good on Seattle PD officers, they will get a short break from this dangerous nonsense. This won’t last long. After the first crisis intervention people are hacked to death with a meat clever or have their brains bashed out by repeated cranial contact with a curb the status quo will return. Too bad a social service do-gooder will have to pay the price. Most likely will be a mid-aged female mother with 3 kids. Wonder if Oregon will ban mental nutjobs? That will fix it !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Look at the three soft targets on that twitter posting in the article. These are the hapless do-gooder fools who will pay the price.

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