Letter to the Editor

WICS Channel20 News has a story out of Champaign captioned: “City offers STEM activities to curb youth gun violence.” Isn’t that wonderful?

At the same time, the same WICS ran a story about the two nitwits shown below, arrested for shooting up the parking lot of Dick’s Sporting Goods at White Oaks Mall [in Springfield].

The City of Champaign’s Community and Engagement Department would have us believe that “some of the main factors” causing thugs to run around shooting up communities is the “lack of hope and accessibility to technology.”

I didn’t know that. I’m shocked that Midnight Basketball wasn’t the solution.

It seems I’ve also been operating under the faulty assumption that STEM activities are what schools are for. Wrong again.

Now I learn that schools are there to foster racial grievances, promote sexual deviancy, and teach the little bastards that everyone is “wonderful just the way they are.” Where else can a kid learn these valuable skills?

“STEM activities to curb youth gun violence” will give leftist do-gooders and white suburban bedwetters a big warm fuzzy while diverting money away from more policing and the prisons’ need to keep these bums locked up. We already have plenty of what doesn’t work, and more of it is simply stupid. The notion that these thugs are shooting up the mall parking lot for want of a science, technology, engineering, or math project to work on, is lunacy.

Activities that will reduce unwed mothers and single-parent homes, and that emphasize being educated rather than “Being Black” might yield better results.

Gary Hetherington
Springfield, Illinois




6 thoughts on “Letter To The Editor: Behold Gary’s Shocked Face!”
  1. There is a left winger type in champaign that is a ham radio operator. I will have to suggest he take some of the local thugs down into his ham shack and start instructing them.

    1. Might be a good idea, butt, ….won’t they just use another communication skill to help with their organizing of the crowd theft rings? Hmmmm.

  2. Another stupid video supporting the ‘usual suspects’ assertion. STEM activities? I would be willing to bet a pension the mopes seen in that video, and the mope recording it could not tell one the meaning of ‘assertion’. When will this “culture” be called for the truth?

    1. You can’t even comment on the obvious common thread in the vast majority of gun violence anymore. To do so is some form of -ist.

  3. Gun violence ? Don’t buy into ‘their’ terms. Not even in jest. Do not legitimize these ass clowns. Words have meaning.

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