The solution to our crime problem has nothing to do with pouring more money into poor neighborhoods. Nor is it gun control. The solution always has been right in front of us. It’s just that some politicians don’t want to make hard choices that might upset their constituencies. As a result, their constituents needlessly become victims of violent crime and sometimes even get killed.

Now, I know that saying this is considered impolite, insensitive and tasteless in some circles.  Sometimes though, practical must take precedence over politeness.

London, for instance, has a serious crime problem. Actually, it’s worse than that. Recently, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted, “We can’t arrest our way out of London’s crime problem.” Au contraire, sir.

Frankly London is short of other options. They’ve already banned guns and even knives. They’ve adopted every soft-on-crime policy and even banned the right of self-defense of their royal subjects. Yet pervasive crime grows worse each day.

Meanwhile in the 1990s on this side of the pond, Florida not only arrested their way out of a spike in crime, but their mandatory sentencing enhancements brought firearm violent crime down to historic lows. Yes, the “10-20-Life” mandatory sentencing enhancements for using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime were harsh. The Supreme Court eventually overturned the law. Even with that, violent crime is at a 50-year-low, in part because Ron DeSantis removes Soros-funded prosecutors who don’t prosecute.

Further south in the Western hemisphere, El Salvador’s President Nayib Bekele mocked the “woke” London mayor. Bekele tweeted, “Wouldn’t it be obvious that if we had the highest murder rate in the world, it was precisely because we had a lot of criminals on the streets that were supposed to be in jail in the first place?” He followed up with “Country with the highest murder rate = country with the highest number of criminals on the streets = country with the highest number of persons that must be put in jail to stop the murders. Am I going to fast?”

Bekele knows a thing or two about solving a massive violent crime problem. He’s gained a 92% approval rating by bringing the homicide rate down 97.8% in less than eight years (6656 in 2015 to just 77 so far in 2023). Imagine if Chicago did this… Imagine bringing the 737 Chicago homicides last year down to 16 in the space of a few short years.

Yes, it requires putting lots of bad boys in bad boy prisons. El Salvadorians are okay with protecting the human rights of prisoners, but unlike states like Illinois, they prioritize the human rights of honest people over those of violent criminals.

We need to prioritize the rights of the law-abiding in America. Otherwise we’re going to get more violent crime exploding in our big cities and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Chicago continues to apologize for police making arrests, saying his administration is different.  With that sort of attitude, expect Chicago’s descent into lawlessness to hasten.

5 thoughts on “SPOILER: IT DOES INVOLVE HANDCUFFS – Solution to our crime problem isn’t rocket science…”
  1. The shitlibs have spoken. Crime is good, law-abiding citizens are bad. You have no right to expect your government to protect you, or the police to defend you. YOU are the enemy to the left – not the criminal.

    We are done as a nation because the majority would rather benefit from cradle-to-grave support by the nanny state than to worry about such outdated topics as morals or personal responsibility. Want something? Simply steal it from someone else. Any amount of crime and depravity will not only be tolerated, but encouraged. Thieves are so blatant now that they don’t even run from the scene. They steal tens of thousands of dollars per trip, and nothing is done. Deviants are unleashed upon our children. Rape and murder runs rampant. The voter has spoken.

    1. Exactly ! Plain and simple this is 100% the fault of the brain dead zombie sheep that keep voting for the worst thing possible. Typical mass mental illness found in liberal run areas.

  2. Are you really trying to compare London’s violent crime to el Salvador’s? Because if you are that’s some insanely dumb shit.

  3. El Salvador doesn’t have any more violent crime. Life is good there. Life could be good in Chicago too if we put s*** bag people in prison for a long long time.

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