Thanks the the majority of voters in the past mayoral election, Chicago residents are getting the government they voted for – good and hard.   With armed robberies happening with increasing regularity it’s not surprising that yet again Chicago PD officers witness another armed robbery.  So did they respond like the cops on the Chicago PD TV show?  LOL.

The real Chicago PD is barely a paper tiger.  Supervisors ordered the cops not to pursue the bad actors.  Then the bad boys then continued their robbery spree, victimizing others.

How long before Bernie Goetz comes along and torches a couple of carloads of these mopes and walks away?

Because right now, the police department has been about 90% neutered by the mayor.  When the mayor APOLOGIZES for cops arresting rioting thugs, and bolsters the “no pursuit” policies, it’s just a matter of time until vigilante justice starts kicking in.

From CWB Chicago:

CHICAGO — As yet another armed robbery spree unfolded overnight, Chicago police officers saw armed men robbing victims on the North Side, but their supervisor ordered them not to pursue the offenders, who drove away and committed even more crimes.

The blood-boiling decision is sure to raise questions about the legitimacy of claims made by public officials that CPD has a concrete, collaborative and robust plan to end a months-long surge in armed robberies.

This morning’s spree began around 2:15 a.m. in the 2400 block of North Ashland. A man and woman told police that two armed men got out of a gray SUV and robbed them at gunpoint, Chicago police said. Cops later determined that the getaway car was a Dodge Durango stolen from the 6900 block of North Clark on Tuesday, according to a source.

About 10 minutes later, another robbery occurred in the 5200 block of North Damen. A surveillance camera operator in the local police district quickly spotted the Durango traveling in the area.

As they watched the Durango on video, the officers said they were watching them commit another robbery live on video in the 6500 block of North Western.

Then there’s the bad guys who fired 50+ rounds at the cops, including with some full-auto sprinkled in…  You didn’t see that on the evening news, now did you?


50 SHOTS FIRED AT POLICE IN ZONE 8!! (East Chicago). Full-auto fire. Multiple shooters. No officers injured, as far as I can tell…
by u/DuPageILLinois in CrimeInChicago

And then there’s this:

Stealing from parked trucks…….and an appeal for Help! from this subreddit. Recorded this morning.
by u/DuPageILLinois in CrimeInChicago


3 thoughts on “BRANDON’S KINDER, GENTLER POLICING: Chicago cops witness armed robbery, supervisors order them NOT to pursue”
    1. Correct !!!! But with a 30% voter turnout, voters who go by skin color and hope for less cops and more mayhem, and of course self loathing liberal filth that wants to virtue signal you can’t get any worse !!!! Hell, no need to cheat anymore, the zombies keep voting for the worst.

  1. I wouldn’t give two happy shits if ‘getting it good and hard’ was limited to the dumb asses that voted for all this shit in Chicago. What I can’t accept is getting ruled by Chicago assholes that inflict their stupidity upon the rest of us downstate. Now we have abortion tourism, most favored status for deviants, illegal aliens as cops, gender-bending bathrooms, and every shitty piece of gun-hating ‘laws’ that the left can come up with. All from the minds of dipshits even dumber than Bug Brain Brandon, and shoved up our asses by Toilet Cracker Pritzker – who continues to eye the White House like a semi-trailer full of Krispy Kremes.
    This state leapfrogged over Massachusetts and California as the most progressive piece of shit in the nation, and that progressivism is rolling over us from five counties in Illinois. I want a divorce from these assholes.

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