Earlier today, the Effingham County courts dismissed all of Tom DeVore’s lawsuits re: the PICA gun and magazine ban.  The associated temporary restraining orders (TROs) dissolved with that dismissal.

Mr. DeVore issued a press release which included this:

Having said that, the IL Supreme Court’s decision that Caulkins failed to meet his burden does not bar my clients from being able to proceed to make their case that they are in fact similarly situated to all or part of the exempt class. The decision for dismissal by the circuit court in Effingham county was premature and in error as my clients have a right to make their case. The circuit court dismissed our client’s case without even so much as a hearing on the matter. As such, we will file a motion to reconsider immediately. In the event the motion to reconsider should fail, we will appeal to the Appellate Court and eventually the Supreme Court. We have evidence to prove the exempt class has nothing to do with training and our clients have a right to present it. Moreover, we will not waive our procedural constitutional violation of the three-readings clause, which Caulkins foolishly did, and we will present this argument to the Supreme Court as well.

While Mr. DeVore filed for the court to reconsider, that’s a longshot to put it kindly.

12 thoughts on “DeVore gun ban lawsuits dismissed entirely… TROs dissolve. Court motion to reconsider filed…”
  1. So the Caulkins case has doomed us? Tom Devore told Caulkins that this would happen. I asked Mr. Peterson of ISRA if this would happen. He said no, the other cases were okay. So now we are in the worst case possible and may not be able to fight this in court, no matter what SCOTUS says.

    1. One thing I would look for is this Rep or any other Republican begging to be re-elected so they can fix this law. The reality is, the GOP has scarred off so many people with their backward stances on any given issue and I’ll say the 2A even that their party will control nothing statewide and have no control over committees meaning they don’t control what legislation moves and what does not move. The Republican Party supports HB2722 by a 100% margin. That bill takes more money out of YOUR pocket to fund the ISP so they can do whatever they want. The ISP can’t be called a law enforcement agency when they advocate for gun control. They are an activist agency. The state might as well give your money to Mom’s Demand Action, Giffords or Everytown. When it comes to the GOP, can anyone say grifter?

    2. right, Illinois will be able to ban guns, NO MATTER WHAT SCOTUS SAYS.

      Right. And I have a certain bridge I will sell you

  2. This is why we have appellate courts.
    Folks, it IS Illinois! It’s not like you live in a free state or anything! You live in a FASCIST REGIME. Until we have a rebellion, we will continue to live under the heavy hand of Fascism. Like it, deal with it, live while SUING IT, or move.
    And ya gotta give dem slow wheels of justice time to roll ‘roun.
    I have come to the conclusion that most trial judges are DROOLING MORONS. When you get to the higher appellate courts, you finally reach judges with brains. Though they, too, may be politically corrupted.

  3. Caulkins is one of the so-called Freedom Caucus members. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of them voted FOR the HB2722 to further fund the ISP to help enforce this “assault weapon” law they proclaim to be against. https://illinoisfreedomcaucus.org/team/

    They can present themselves as pro-2A all they want but their actions tell the real story.

    1. Not exactly sure where you get this bullshit you endlessly post, but HB2722 has to do with purchases of State Police vehicles through an increase in motor vehicle surcharge from $1 to $2. I suppose that tangentially you could claim that a police car helps them enforce this piece of shit law, but the drivel you post is quite a stretch from reality otherwise.

      Perhaps you expect all Republicans to join Antifa, spray paint ACAB on buildings, and defund the police. I don’t like ISP either, and I see them as little better than political cops and professional meter maids with radar guns. Your claims of this being for enforcement of PICA are utter horseshit, however. Stick to facts.


  4. Well now… i qm surprised it lasted as long as it did.

    I get that DeVore is mad at Caulkins but they were never going to give DeVore a win.

    Tell me, when has DeVore ever won one of these cases beyong a TRO with a friendly judge?

  5. DeVore is an opportunistic money-grubbing a-hole. Caulkins is no genius. Suing based on unequal protection and APA issues in Illinois Circuit Courts? WTF? Who thought this was a good idea? For months I have had to put up with the genius’s who paid DeVore their hard-earned inflated dollars to be part of his baloney, telling me I can sell them banned firearms because they are part of the TRO crowd. No, I can’t, my shop is not part of the TRO crowd and they had NO understanding of what they joined. These people would have been better to send those dollars to Guns Save Lives, GOA, FPC, SAF, any other organization doing God’s work other than the National Rino Association, ISRA, and Dipshit DeVore. Fool me once shame on you….

    1. I saw the TRO (I was a member of the Caulkins suit) as an opportunity to buy the remaining magazines on my list from anyplace I could get them. The sale of banned guns was doomed from the start, because even those few shops that were covered by the TRO were very reluctant to put their FFLs and livelihoods on the line, if not their very freedom itself, for something that was never going to be anything but a temporary reprieve at best.

      The second the Seventh under Easterturd hijacked the case at the Federal level, the TROs were doomed. Not one business was going to risk a reversal under Federal law. The proper Federal action would have been to stay all implementation of the state law until resolved at the Federal level under 2A / Bruen grounds. Instead, they did the exact opposite and allowed PICA to implement unless they decide at a later date to reverse. This is almost unprecedented and shows just how corrupt the anti-gun crusading left is and to what ends they will go to push their agenda. SCOTUS should have stepped in at that very moment, but that would have also been nearly unprecedented for them to do so.

    2. As we all know PICA needs to get knocked down on 2A grounds and not unequal protections or APA issues or the state will just do a slight rewrite and try again. Caulkins and Devore were trying what should have been an easy angle ( if we didn’t have a bribed Illinois SC ). Anyhow, As one of the “genius’s” who paid DeVore his hard earned inflated dollars for a TRO and then found 2 FFL’s who did the same ( one very familiar with me from over the years). I’ve been able to LEGALLY sell / trade a few items and acquire a few different items up until just last Tuesday. I also enjoyed carrying 15 + mags and using 30 rd. mags at the range just for fun. Of course all those items will be out of state very soon for the duration of this horse shit. My $200 meant a few more months of freedom to take care of and refresh some things, I got a few months of giving JB and Kwame the proverbial middle finger while doing as I please LEGALLY. My FFL ( he’s a genius too ) sold out the entire well stocked inventory of everything on the list and still was able to get more items. He made a fortune and had record sales just like YOU would have. I sent extra $$$ to GOA as I’m a member and I know my FFL supports the defenders of his choice as well. In the HIGHLY unlikely event Devore can get a court to take up our case and reinstate the TRO’s the chains will come off again but that’s unlikely.

  6. This was never going to be won at the state level. TROs were a delaying tactic at best but we knew that the end result was Putzker getting the rulings he paid for at the ISC.

    We stand or fall on what happens IF the Supreme Court decides to yank an knot in Easterturds’ tail over his hijacking the Federal case. If SCOTUS ignores us, we are fucked in Illinois, and the left will use this shit as solid precedence to dilute Bruen across the country. For now, prepare to either register your guns, move them out of state, or roll the dice on being made an example by ISP – this will NEVER be resolved by next January. when compliance becomes mandatory and you become a felon.

    I see zero chance that SCOTUS gets involved until the Seventh hands down a ruling, and that asshole Easterturd is going to drag this out until well past the final date we can avoid compliance. The courts have failed us in Illinois, miserably, and SCOTUS jacks off while we are made felons by fiat.

  7. The USSC rarely becomes involved in interlocutory proceedings. The court does not step in preferring our judicial system to work as designed. I suspect Easterbrook and Wood will wait as long as possible before publishing their opinion. Recall the hearing before the 7th Appeals concerned re-instating the properly adjudicated preliminary injunction. You may be frustrated by the length of process as am I but I would not characterize this as SCOTUS jacking off. The IL case will be heard before the USSC in the spring session of 2024. By June of 2024 we will have our victory, not only in IL nationwide. I suspect when the plaintiff’s petition for certiorari a request for an injunction will be included. an injunction will most likely be granted; the plaintiffs can demonstrate they will likely prevail AND the injunction seeks to maintain the status quo NOT to implement new standards. The preliminary injunction issued by a federal judge who held a full hearing helps as well. I doubt this case will be heard before the USSC most likely will be a ‘summary judgement’ as was Heller.

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