When it comes to crime, there’s a “Tale of Two States” in America.  Florida’s residents, with that state’s emphasis on law-and-order, enjoy peace and tranquility.  Violent crime in Florida is at 50-year lows.  Peace and tranquility are the norm.

Meanwhile in our home state of Illinois, Chicago residents enjoy sharply growing violent crime that has become endemic, even in the formerly “nice” parts of town including the formerly-Magnificent Mile.

Chicago residents enjoy the complimentary sounds of gunfire as gang members and violent criminals victimize the innocent with impunity.

Insane surveillance footage/audio of the massive brawl between the Latin Kings and Satan’s Disciples. Happened in the godforsaken neighborhood of Little Village, Chicago, about a month ago.
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Carjackings at gunpoint are rampant, as are armed robberies where carloads of young thugs will roll up, stick their guns in the faces of their victims and rob and sometimes beat them.  Or kill them.

3 rifle-wielding men shoot at Anton Benoit at a South side gas station. District 6, Zone 8. Happened a couple weeks ago but video was just released. Anton was DOA (he’s only shown before anything happens). Supposedly he was ran over, made it to his car and tried to get away, then was shot at.
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And then you have the random psychopath who kills a kid for making too much noise.

Filthy animal kills child while she was getting ice cream.
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Groups of gang members, heavily armed with sometimes fully-automatic firearms, brazenly brandishing them.

Most intense scanner event I’ve heard yet. From yesterday night on far south side. Tactical units responded to “10 teens with guns.” All hell broke loose. Teens fighting cops. Officers drew weapons. Someone should file a FOIA and get the body cam and street cam footage.
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It’s just relentless…

Heartbreaking to hear about the brutal attack on the innocent man and the mail carrier. We must stand together against violence and support law enforcement in their efforts to apprehend these criminals.
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Just a one-off?  Hardly.

A reminder that compliance certainly does not guarantee that you won’t be physically assaulted. This is most recent upload from Instagram’s ChicagoCritterrr. Happened in Chicago but unsure of where. Last 50 seconds is just dude laid out & people trying to help.
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Or other times, these same mopes simply kill people.

And this doesn’t count what amounts to opportunistic looting…

Or more organized looting…

Teen Takeover: 7-11 gets raided last night in the south loop. I just unblocked everyone except for “INate_H*****”. I’d like to keep it that way… just PLEASE refrain from racist or otherwise antagonistic comments Video compliments of C.C.C. (via Facebook). Please download this clip & share it
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The mayor makes excuses for their poor behavior and even apologizes when police arrest forty for looting a convenience store in downtown Chicago.

WirePoints has studied the data from the Chicago City Data Portal and the data doesn’t print a pretty picture.

Chicago hasn’t been a peaceful city for a long time, but the bad boys in the Windy City are working night and day to make matters worse.  As are the politicians both in Chicago and the Chicago politicians who legislate from Springfield.

From WirePoints:

Spree of robberies, car thefts drive Chicago crime to new highs – Wirepoints

In the span of just two days in early August, a crew of armed robbers hit Chicago’s Logan Square 19 separate times. That crew helped spike robberies 49% in Chicago last month compared to the same period a year ago. In the South Loop, hundreds of youth mobbed, looted and trashed a 7-Eleven, resulting in 40 arrests, all part of an increase in Chicago “teen takeovers.” And car thefts, after jumping dramatically in 2022, are up yet again this year by more than 100 percent.

Chicago’s crime wave is still on the move nearly two-thirds of the way through 2023. The number of total major crimes committed in the city through July is 34 percent higher than the same period in 2022, which in turn was 33 percent higher than in 2021, according to the city’s crime data portal.

2023’s crimes are following the same path as in years past, but at a much higher level than before. Each month, about 1,600 more major crimes – including homicides, criminal sexual assaults, robberies, burglaries, major thefts, aggravated batteries and motor vehicle thefts – are committed in Chicago compared to 2022.

Media might celebrate the fact that murders are down slightly this year, but the news isn’t as good as it sounds. Murders are dropping much faster in the nation’s biggest cities. And even then, every one of the other six major crimes are up (burglaries, barely). Robberies are up 18%, Aggravated Batteries are up 9% and Theft Over $500 is up 10% – not to mention the 113% increase in car thefts.

A few months ago, Wirepoints warned that “deterrence” policies were needed immediately to bring crime down. Unfortunately, deterrence hasn’t happened. If anything, Mayor Brandon Johnson’s rhetoric has likely contributed to Chicago’s ongoing criminal activity. His “kids being silly” defense back in April and July’s “not baby Al Capones,” push back, coupled with his longer history of other criminal justice comments, are the opposite of the attitude Chicago needs.

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Is it any wonder why productive people who are able have opted to vote with their feet to move to safer states, including Florida?

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  1. Of course PICA will have ZERO effect on any of this, then again PICA was never about reducing violence or crime or going after criminals. Thankfully I live far enough away from the garbage can of Shitcago / Cook County that my kids can’t name a single gang, never saw gang graffiti, don’t know anyone who has been shot or robbed. Thankfully I moved out of the west side long ago. Unfortunately every part of the state gets to suffer politicians who got in thanks to ghetto scum and self loathing white liberals desperate to virtue signal by voting for anything that shows how “tolerant” ( That means vote for anything that turns everything to shit ). At least the ghetto scum / criminals made a decision that will make their job easier and more profitable as they get to plunder nicer areas. Seriously, who can blame them ? An added perk for the Dummycrat plantation dwellers. Sadly the voters and those who do nothing make it all happen.

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