Any time someone tells you guns are the leading cause of death of children, you can pretty much ignore them as they are ill-informed at best and lying at worst.  If their cause is so righteous, why do they need to lie?


3 thoughts on “HINT: IT ISN’T GUNS! Firearms Policy Coalition pushes back on Kamala Harris’ claim that firearms are leading cause of death of children”
  1. Kamala thinks she’s smarter than everyone. She thinks spewing a bunch of words and lots of lies fools everyone. The only one she’s fooling is the braindead imbeciles that voted for her. It’s sad that the garbage we have for media does nothing to call her out.

  2. Lookit her, lookin’ at him: “When are YOU GONNNAAA DIIIIIIEEEEEE, you ol’ FARTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, so I’s ken be PRESIDON’T!!!!!!!??????”
    That’s like Hitlary Clinton looking at ANYONE in power.

  3. Cackles is full of poo-poo! one can see it coming out of her ears and her wiener holster!

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