The defund the police movement continues to wreak havoc on the streets of Chicago, as lawlessness and crime reach unprecedented levels. The city that was once known for its vibrant culture and thriving communities has now become a hotbed of violence and chaos. 

As a conservative and a former policeman, I am deeply concerned about the state of our cities and the safety of our citizens. It is high time we discard the misguided notions of “wokeness” and political correctness and return to the principles of law and order that have served our society well for centuries.

Chicago’s plunge into the depths of lawlessness can be attributed to the liberal policies and inept governance of its politicians. They have allowed the city to go ultra-liberal on virtually every front, from criminal justice reform to social welfare programs, without considering the consequences. In their misguided attempt to appease the radical left, they have abandoned the very principles that keep our society safe and secure…

Criminals roam freely on the streets of Chicago, knowing that the chances of getting caught are minimal. “Crime pays,” is often the rallying cry of the lawless. The brazenness of their acts is unparalleled, with individuals openly carrying firearms and engaging in violent crimes without fear of retribution. 

— Michael Letts in Defund the police movement wrecks America’s third-largest city 

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  1. I shall offer up the old canard, there’s nothing in Chicago worth dying for.

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